Ok, not really. But it is going up …

We mean, not really. If you're what Netflix considers a "new customer," your fee isn't really changing at all. For those who have been a ride or die since the beginning, however, you're going to be paying the same amount as everyone else soon — like a sucker!

In May of 2014, Netflix announced that it would be upping the price of its service from $7.99 to $8.99, but anyone existing as a customer at the time wouldn't have to worry about it. They threw die-hards a solid hookup. Like any promises of cheaper anything, though, it was short-lived and capped at a two-year timeframe. Welp, here it is — your two years are up.

That $8.99 tag wasn't concrete either. Netflix has since upped its most popular Standard plan to $9.99 — so come May, anyone wishing to stream two shows at once in HD, will feel the hike (some 17 million customers in America according to one report). That same report also suggests that 3-4 percent of people are going to bail because of the change. Which … jesus, it's like 2-bucks at most, Netflix and chill, people (see what we did there?).

Netflix's Premium tier isn't changing at all, and there will still be a basic level too for those who don't need much, just a warm blanket, 4 Gatorades, dim-lights and a free 14 hours on Sundays to binge and nurse hangovers.

Still better than cable.