“Wandering is the activity of the child, the passion of the genius; it is the discovery of the self, the discovery of the outside world, and the learning of how the self is both ‘at one with’ and ‘separate from’ the outside world. These discoveries are as fundamental to the soul as ‘learning to survive’ is fundamental to the body. These discoveries are essential to realizing what it means to be human. To wander is to be alive.”
– Roman Payne, “Europa

Number Crunchers

It’s big business.

– $2.1 trillion

is generated each year by the travel industry in the U.S. — accounting for over $140 billion in direct taxes.

– 1 out of every 9

jobs in America depends on travel and tourism.

– 77.5 million

international arrivals happened in the states in 2015.

– 827 Americans

on average die each year of unnatural causes abroad, with traffic accidents accounting for many of them.

– 15.1 million

jobs are supported by traveling and tourism in the U.S.

Apps for That

Use your phone; it’s why you got it.

Not having a clue where you’re going or what you’re doing is a fun way to challenge the status quo. Hopper tracks random flights for you and tells you when the best time is to buy. Jump on last minute flight deals to end up god knows where for added excitement.

If you’re down for being impulsive, you can often save money flying by the seat of your pants. Hotel Tonight is an easy way to find last-minute deals on open hotels, sometimes saving you hundreds of dollars on the phatty executive suites.

Losing your shit suuuuucks. Which is why an app like Tile is a welcome companion for getting out into the real world. Put the location device in or on pretty much anything you love and feel secure that even if it turns up missing, you have a way to find it.

Unlike the sex-fueled spiral of shame that is Tinder, Party With A Local connects you with real residents of a city who know what’s up. It’s an innovative way to avoid the trite and often disappointing tourist traps.


Tips ‘n’ Trix

You’re not the best at it … yet.

  • Airlines track your every move: try clearing browser history, cookies and cache folders before buying tickets. You’ll notice a substantial difference in pricing.
  • Call any debit or credit card providers before leaving. Most out-of-state transactions are flagged and can leave you S.O.L. until things are resolved.
  • Scan any passports, ID cards or flight itineraries and email them to yourself in case of an emergency. Shit happens, prepare for the worst.
  • Forget your charger on the bathroom sink? Most hotels have bins full of that kind of stuff and will allow you to use it during your stay provided you use manners like a real adult.
  • Don’t fall for the extras. In 2015, North American airlines made close to $11 billion in added, unnecessary fees. That’s. Insane.


Our Stories

They’re just like you only poorer with a better Instagram.

– “I saved up all high school to take a trip to New York City because I always wanted to move there as a kid. When I finally got there, I realized that was a poor choice. I’m in LA now though, which is like New York only with shittier people.” – Devon, 32

– “I took a gap 4 years. Like, I put off college as much as I possibly could. It was fine, traveling was, but you have to get outside of the tourist traps. The Eiffel Tower looks cool in photos but when you’re there it’s all selfie sticks.” – Lara, 28

– “Go everywhere you can whenever you can. Traveling opened me up from a shy kid to a, hopefully, compassionate enough adult. You realize how lucky we really are to be Americans.” Jenna, 35

– “Had two kids right after high school and haven’t left the state since. I think the farthest I’ve been in a decade is Byers.” – John, 25