For those not familiar with the work of Page Sanderson, aka 84 Pages, you'll quickly understand Page has a style all his own. From the bright colors and adorable monsters, to the street style illustrations conveying a sense of old-school artwork, 84 Pages has grown into a Colorado artistic staple. We caught up with the Colorado artistic legend to discuss his next show, his obssessive doodling and his preferred flavor of gatorade. 

33/Male/Fort Collins, Colo.

Page, Page-O, 84pages

Gatorade flavor of choice: 
My sister got me on the new Arctic Blitz.

One flaw of yours:  
Definitely Procrastinating.

Best dog breed: 
Chow Chows hands down, not gonna lie I love me some pugs too.

Every artist should have: 
Probably a savings account.

Be honest, how often did you get in trouble for doodling during class? 
For real all the time, I was never a great student, easily distracted, class clown and the only time I would ever really settle down is when I would be drawing at my desk.

Were you drawing monsters back then? 
I was actually more obsessed with the idea of becoming a comic artist back in school so I was always drawing X-Men, TMNT and Dragon Ball.

Where did these little characters come from, they're so cute yet so … ?
They kinda came about after I had been working in a tattoo shop for a while, I would see so many people treat artists and people with tattoos as if they were big scary monsters, but in all honesty, those were some of the kindest people I have ever known. I guess you would say the theme of the monsters is never judge a book by its cover.

What do most people say about your work seeing it for the first time? 
Most people seem pretty stoked on it, they seem to like my color choices and bold characters. I get into a lot of fun conversations during live paintings and everyone is always very enthusiastic and show some much love and support.

If you had to give your style a name, what would it be? 
I have been calling it Urban Illustration for some time now, I think it fits, but things have gotten a little weird recently and it looks like I'm headed down the road of Demented Entertainment.

What's the next step in the career for 84pages? 
2017 was my rebuild year, 2018 is my travel year. I'll be at some cons and festivals next year, chasing the dream one day at a time.

Shameless plug: 
Come check out my art show "Back from the Dead," Friday The 13th this month (October) at Surfside 7 in Fort Collins. Swing through the awesome Colorado Room in FoCo for some poutine, beer and take a gander at my new mural on the back wall, too.
IG: @84pages