Working title: "Completely normal city interaction takes place, privileged white kids freak out …"

"Literally me the whole time," popular vlogger Brianna Joy remarks about her and her husband's harrowing experience of living in Chicago for exactly one day. 

The duo, for whatever reason, has amassed over 300,000 YouTube followers for not doing much more than talking into the computer with white backgrounds as their theme (fitting, really). Right now though, they're catching a ton of flack from the lot of them because of their ridiculous (and exceptionally privileged) story about living in Chicago for less time than what would take to restart Game of Thrones and watch it front to back for a third or fourth time.

It's even inspired an event page, The Brianna and Jaelin Walking Tour, where the moderator promises to take people around Chicago's Edgewater neighborhood to the subway in question, maybe the Chipotle too, while viewing all the "yoga studios, and coffee shops that should have told the Whites that Edgewater was a dangerous neighborhood."

Wait a minute, their last name is 'White' too? God, damn, you have a plan for them, don't you? 

In the video, the couple spends near twenty minutes speaking about an interaction with someone on the street that apparently asked where they lived and what they were doing — all this with a 'sketchy voice.' Eventually, shit hit the fan and Jaelin got rocked in the face. Which, if true, is a shitty thing to happen, but honestly isn't all that strange of an occurrence in a big city like Chicago. We're sure this isn't exactly what the pair hoped for when moving, but garners all the eye rolls when listening to them recount the experience for YouTube. 

Yes, we're laughing at the situation and at them for the way they're handling it. No, we don't think matters of assault and people feeling unsafe in their environment is funny. This is an absurd situation taken to absurd levels because of the absurdity of which we communicate as a society now. Where one might see despair, the other sees ignorance. Complete. Disproportional. Ignorance.

Yet, whichever way you're viewing this event, maybe find a little humility in realizing the fact these two make more on YouTube views in a month than most of us will make in an entire year. 

Life. It's a bitch.