Probably not true, but the resulting Photoshop war is hilarious …

High school sucks. There's always an insane amount of pressure on you to do just about everything it asks perfectly. Grades, sports, socialization, graduation, prom … basically things you're never going to need in the real world you have to be proficient at or else your career as a student is deemed unworthy.

For one DGAF dude from who-knows-where America, asking his cat to prom was his way of skirting around that whole "date" thing. Stag is whack, date your cat.

But let's be honest, we don't know if the story is true or not (cats hate social settings, btw, they're more of a "Catnip and Chill" type of a species). The only facts we, or anyone else, know about this story right now is that one Reddit user by the name of caroline12006 posted the photo and added a simple, yet Internet-y quip in the headline, which reads: "My brother took our cat to prom."

A Photoshop war ensued, however. Which makes the legitimacy of someone bringing their actual cat to their actual prom kind of secondary in things that matter in life, doesn't it?