Near everyone has an irrational fear of rejection at one point or another through their lifetime. But it’s not without reason, because we all get rejected from time to time as well. All is fair in love and war, they say. War indeed.

“Over summer, I hooked up with this beautiful man, and after our second time, he told me he ‘only fucks girls twice so they don’t get attached.’ I thought to myself, ‘I’m the most non-attached girl in the world, so can you just love me?’ Anyway, a few weeks later my drunk-ass sees him in the club dancing with another girl. My psychotic-ass ran up and whispered in his ear, ‘Come home with me tonight!’ When I tell you I have never seen such a look of disgust. He screamed, ‘NO!’ right in my face!”
–Bethany, 21

“I met this guy on a dating app and I had him drive to Tampa from freaking Georgia. When I saw him in person, I definitely was like, ‘Oh, hell no.’ I was definitely catfished. We were on our way to go out downtown, so I told him I had to get something at my friends. I was so repulsed by him, I said I would be right out, and I never left my friend’s house until he left.”
-Logan, 21

“Me and this guy were hitting it off, and then he said he was 30 and worked at KFC, and I was drunk and was like, “Oh …” And then he was like, ‘But I’m the manager.’ So I was like, “… Oh ok, that’s way better.’ The next morning, he was texting me, and I ghosted him.”
–McKenzee, 23

“I was at a club, and I overheard these plastered frat boys talking about how much drugs they did earlier and how dead they were. So, I — just joking around — was like, ‘Oh, you’re so dead bro,’ because they said bro every other word. And the guy turns to me, literally almost cross-eyed, and goes, ‘Your eyebrows aren’t good enough to talk to me.’ My. Fucking. Eyebrows. I know they weren’t even bad because my friend had just did them, but like what guy even rates a girl’s eyebrows? I was so shook!”
–Alexa, 21

“It's New Year's Eve and we're at a club. Everyone is swooping and my friend didn't like any of the guys there, so she texted this guy she really liked to come. He instantly said he was on his way. They were texting back and forth, and she was so excited that he was coming. Eventually, some guy she didn't recognize comes up to her at the club, and she's confused. It turns out she invited a different guy with the same name in her phone. He said his name, she realized what happened, froze, and walked away, avoiding him the rest of the night. Later he texted her, ‘You seemed really uninterested, but thanks for inviting me because I still ended up having a good night.’ It was so funny.”
–Ashley, 20

“I went on a date with a guy and we really hit it off. The next morning, flowers were dropped off at my door with a note saying: ‘To: Jenna.’ I texted that guy a picture of them saying how nice that was. He responded, ‘I would never give a girl flowers after the first date.’ I was like damn … true. Not only did I shoot my shot with him, but I asked every guy it could have been in the past six months. They all said it wasn’t them. I bought pepper spray.”
–Jenna, 21

“I was living in my frat house. My fraternity was having a tailgate, and I invited some friends to take shots in my apartment. I went to the bathroom in my room, and as I walk in, this girl — not the most attractive gal — tried coming in with me and kept getting closer and closer. She was heavily flirting with me, and as she tries to close my bedroom door, she says, ‘I want to tell you something in private.’ Before she says anything, I tell her, ‘By the way, I have a girlfriend,’ which I didn’t. At this point, she was really close to me and said, ‘Oh … I wanted to say that (pause) you should put on cologne.’  I’m like, ‘Okay, thanks!’ you can go back to the living room now.”
–John, 23

“I had a long-distance relationship across the country. We had spring break plans to stay in a Disney resort that my mom used her Disney Vacation Club points to get the room. One week before spring break, my girlfriend refunded her ticket and broke up with me. She told me she would be in Panama City for spring break. I thought I could get her back. I rented a condo on the beach with my homies and after being ignored for two days, she hit me up to meet. I asked if she would try to make things work, but she was already very happy single. My friend later told me he saw her Snap, and she was grinding on the rapper, T-Wayne, that raps ‘Nasty Freestyle’ at a concert across from my condo. At least my mom got a nice vacation for herself out of the deal.”
–Nick, 23

“In high school, I really liked this girl Moriah, who I would always catch walking home from the bus stop. One day, I built up the courage and asked to walk her home. She began to tell me about her boyfriend, but whatever. So, I said, ‘Come kiss me on the cheek,’ trying to be slick. So, she’s about to kiss me on the cheek, but I was planning on turning my head and be sneaky to catch her lips. She stopped right before my cheek. When I turned my head, our faces were just like almost nose-touching. She waves her finger in my face and goes, ‘Uh-uh.’ I was like dayyyum. I still, had to play it cool, so I go, ‘Alright, baby I’ll talk to you later. It’s cool.’ She literally goes, ‘I’m like a lion. I can’t be tamed.’ I still see her from time to time. I still haven’t hooked up with her.”
–Vinnie, 24

“I went to a fraternity, and I went up to a guy and said, ‘Hey what’s up?’ He laughed in my face, pointed at his own chest, and asked me if I was talking to him.”
–Shelby, 21

Needless to say, all was not fair in love when the game of war was played for these ten individuals.