Our bid came in just short of the winning bid but nonetheless, we wish the best of luck to the highest bidder of such diamond. On Wednesday, the 101.7-carat diamond unearthed in Botswana auctioned for $26.7 million at Christie's Auction House in Geneva on Wednesday. The pear-shaped diamond made up a large percent of the $102 million raised during the auction which included Barcelona soccer star Lionel Messi’s Audemars Piguet No. 10 Royal Oak Chronograph wristwatch, which sold for $81,850. 

Still the diamond was one of a kind:

The stone was the largest D-color flawless diamond offered at auction and took 21 months to polish. A D is the highest color grade a diamond can receive and means the stone is 100 percent colorless. D grade diamonds are extremely rare, which is why they command such high prices. Flawless diamonds — those with no inclusions or blemishes — are also incredibly rare.


Christie’s recorded another large diamond sale just months ago when a rare 36.45 carat pink diamond, called the “Princie,” sold for $39.3 million. The Princie — so named for the then-14-year-old prince of Baroda, who was fascinated by the gem — commanded the second largest price for an auctioned diamond, with the highest price being a whooping $46.16 million for another rare pink diamond.

And with that, we'll go scrounge up change out of our couch for tonight's happy hour session at Juan's famous taco and margarita bar.