Your engagement picture is the most important one you'll ever take. Why not let it show who you really are inside?

So, you've finally decided to do it.

You've decided to take the plunge, pop the question and make an everlasting and legally binding commitment to someone you bone.

Congratulations! We're sure your love is singular, epic and completely different that that of the other 27 couples whose weddings we went to already this year.

Now, all you'll need is an engagement photo that alerts your friends and family that they'll have to be giving you a lot of money soon.

But, why bore your loved ones with a tried-and-true photo of something unoriginal like you holding each other near a mountain? Or him lifting her up in a field? Or you holding hands in a field by a mountain?

This engagement season, go with something a little more honest; a little more truthfully representative of what your life as a couple is really like. That way, less people named Aunt Theodore will come to your wedding and eat the cornucopia. Hello, money saved!

Some humble suggestions …

1. One that sums up your favorite activity to do together

2. One that shows the blisteringly hot fire-passion that's never diminished since the moment you met

3. Speaking of how you met, how about one that shows that sweet origin story?

4. One that makes it clear you're totally into who your partner really is, not the imaginary person you wish they were

5. One that acknowledges the pervasive and never-ending presence of your fiance's best friend Peter

6. One that shows how nice it is that you've given up most of your hobbies so you can "spend more time with each other's families"

7. A post-sex pic that captures how you're not dying to postpone the wedding for a few years so that you can explore your feelings for your co-worker Amanda

8. One that shows that love comes in all shapes in sizes, but particularly in perfectly round butt cheeks, laser-cut abs and deltoids you've been working on with your personal trainer for seven years

9. One that shows how years of monotonous sex has driven you into the arms of a sensitive runaway named James, yet you stay with Chad because his dick game is fire

10. One that demonstrates how sometimes, even despite all odds, two people can go through a roll of toilet paper in just two days. How amazing is that?!

11. One that shows people you're fearless warriors together

12. Just a greasy picture of Guy Fieri. Whatever.