If you're going to freeze to death this fall/winter, you might as well look really god damn cool doing it.

It's fall/winter/cold-time again in Colorado, which for most of us simply means, "freeze to death and look just kinda okay doing it." But shit, if you're gonna freeze your dick off while the days get shorter, you might as well look amazing in a wardrobe inspired by Colorado while you're doing it. For that, Akomplice's new fall/winter 2015 lookbook has everything you need to freeze less and look really goddamn cool more.

For the collection, Akomplice co-founders Mike and Patrick Liberty made a pilgrimage to their hometown of Paonia, Colorado. Using locals as models and set in the town’s streets, farms, mountains, and hemp fields, the look book showcases the brand’s connection to nature, sustainability, simplicity and community — all values that Paonia and its residents epitomize.

This season, Mike and Patrick chose to shoot the Akomplice and VSOP collections together. The louder, more in-your-face Akomplice line, coupled with the more minimalist and mature VSOP line, represent the personality of Paonia: agrarian activism. Experienced together, the lines span the gamut and push the envelope in terms of fit and material selection. From fishtail jackets, to an array of button downs, staple tees, hoodies, crews and even a hockey jersey, this season’s offering marks one of the most complete Akomplice & VSOP collections to date. 

Also note: The majority of their Spring 2016 collection will be fair trade and made using organic cotton, recycled materials, and eco-friendly dyes.

Part 1 of the collection drops Thursday, Oct 29th at 2:09pm EST on the Akomplice webstore. And as always, lurk the brand’s Twitter and Instagram for announcements on additional collection drops.