Lesbians orgasm at a much higher rate than heterosexual women, so they must be doing something right …

The science is resoundingly conclusive at this point: lesbians have far more orgasms than straight women. According to The Huffington Post, the orgasm rate for heterosexual women is 61.6 percent, while their lesbian counterparts orgasm at a rate of a whopping 74.4 percent. While the exact reasons for this discrepancy are still inconclusive, there are many differences between the two orientations in their approach to sex — and it’s clear straight people could take a clue or twelve from lady lovin’ ladies.

1. Have sex less frequently,  but with longer durations

A real problem many heterosexual couples face is the idea that they’re somehow not having sex often enough. Every lifestyle magazine perpetuates the sexual myth of keeping up with Joneses, reporting on suspect studies that may be overestimating the amount of sex “happy” couples have on a regular basis.

Considering that for heterosexual couples, sex typically ends when a man ejaculates after an average of seven minutes, a time period which doesn’t give many women the opportunity to reach orgasm, it’s clear that sexual frequency may be one of the more absurdly simplistic barometers for gauging a relationship’s sexual health. Instead, duration of foreplay and intercourse may be a more relevant factor than frequency when it comes to female orgasm. Psychology Today reiterated the findings of a 2014 study by Blair and Pukall:

“The results of the study reported lower levels of sexual frequency for lesbian couples, but revealed a key difference in sexual duration. Lesbian couples reported an average length of sexual encounter to be somewhere between 30-45 minutes, while the couples in other types of relationships tended to average around 15-30 minutes per sexual encounter. An earlier study, conducted by Cohen & Byers (2013) reported that women in same sex sexual encounters reported an average of 57 minutes.”

Makes total sense. Having sex for longer gives women more of a chance to come. It’s so simple!

2. Integrate more foreplay

While the notion of the quickie is not by any stretch of the imagination a hetero postulation, the lack of romantic build-up (foreplay) is problematic with many straight couples. One of the largest discrepancies between heterosexual intercourse and homosexual intercourse is the incorporation of foreplay or lack thereof on the hetero front. As noted by PT:

“The extended duration of lesbians’ sexual encounter (as compared to heterosexuals) may provide women the necessary amount of foreplay that's missing in many heterosexual sexual encounters, and it gives women time to get fully aroused, increasing the likelihood of achieving an orgasm.”

We even posted a short video last year that uses various fruits to more simplistically illustrate “manual” clitoris stimulation. Give it a whirl, fellas, the effort will be much appreciated.

3. Combine more oral

As noted in Psychology Today, Blair & Pukall’s research revealed that “Lesbians and gay men report using oral sex more frequently than heterosexuals who tend to rely on penetrative sex to reach orgasm, despite the fact that most women can’t orgasm from penetration alone.”

As we reported in September of last year, women who receive oral during sexual intercourse orgasm more than 70 percent of the time. While going straight for penetration may sound all well and good for males who orgasm consistently no matter the sexual scenario, sans foreplay or oral, a little build-up and attention to detail may be the real way to guarantee both partners the climactic experience.

4. Watch more lesbian porn. You know, for research.

There’s a reason that lesbian porn is by far the most viewed porn category by straight women. In fact, heterosexual ladies are 445 percent more likely to search for girl-on-girl porn than straight men.

It’s hot seeing two people that know their way around a vagina come together, and typically, the sex is slower, more sensual and more intimate that straight porn. Watching this kind of porn alone, or together as a couple, can help people visualize just what it is lesbians are doing to each other that’s so goddamn hot and leads to such a markedly higher orgasm rate. Plus, you get to watch porn. Win-win.

Thanks, lesbians!