Six Flags is great and all, but it's missing 40 miles worth of gigantic, rideable dicks.

Six Flags is great and all, but it's missing 40 miles worth of gigantic, rideable dicks.

Thankfully, a Taiwanese sex theme park about to fill that giant hole in our hearts … maybe even double penetrate it if we're lucky. A sex theme park where tourists can ride astride gigantic stone penises with realistic scrotums is under construction in Taiwan.

The park will be called Romantic Boulevard, and will include an outdoor garden filled with erotic sculptures of mammoth phalluses, as well as statues of people and animals doin' it.

Naturally, there will also be a hotel on site in case all the flailing body parts and wanton sexuality start a few fires down below. Naturally, there will be a section where you can buy sex toys. Naturally, public displays of affection are welcomed with open arms and maybe mouths.

"Just in case the visitors want to turn their feelings into actions," said Shih Chao-hui, the deputy director of the local tourist office in charge of the titillating task.

The park will also include a ‘scenic area’ for wedding photos, because who among us wouldn't love to be married in the holy presence of this:

Don't answer that!

"We want people to fall in love with Taiwan, as well as fall in love while in Taiwan," said Shih, noting that 200,000 visitors have already come to salivate and pop semis amongst the behemoth dongs.

Shih shot down suggestions that the park’s avenues of male members and money shot artistry might offend visitors.

"Look, we are in the business of tourism, not education or religion, so the question should be, “will the park generate business opportunities? We believe the answer is yes," Shih said.

Meanwhile, stateside, we have our own sex-amusement park. It's called "My bedroom." Welcome!