Experts have found out that passion can fade away in relationships that last more than a year, owing to the fact that some partners do not give their time or focus to keeping their relationship passionate because they get distracted by their work and responsibilities. Since sex is the act of passion and the purest act of love between partners, it is important that partners work on their sex life a little bit more from time to time. No matter the commitment and the amount of love a couple has, it does get boring if both anticipate what will happen every time. 

Keep in mind that boring sex can lead to no sex, and no sex leads to no relationships. Here are 5 effective ways to spice up your sex experience.

Be yourself

Being confident is the key to good sex. Many women and men feel unhappy with how they look. Although experts claim that during sex none of these concerns really matter, some people still feel a lack of confidence or want their partner to enjoy them more. Studies showed that seventy percent of men and women are not happy with their penis or boob size, which affects their sexual relationships with their partners. Thus, penis and breast enlargement tools were designed to increase sizes and enhance shapes. Penis pumps use water and air pressure to create a vacuum to allow the penis to reach the maximum erection. When considering a change, penis pumps like these are the best and safest way to increase that thrill in bed. Many users prefer brands that provide a hand pump, which allows the user to adjust the vacuum pressure to their preference. Meanwhile, breast enlargement tools were also created to help women enlarge their breasts without resorting to surgery. These suction cups are applied to the breast and stimulate tissue growth and signals to the body to produce growth hormones. 

Do something new

Sex is not a destination you need to reach, but a journey of discovery for you and your partner. Discover each other’s body and personal preferences. Try new things along the way and experiment with new sexual positions. Shop for some sex toys together, and if that will cause embarrassment to any of you, you can shop online. You can also play around with blindfolds and handcuffs; they are easy to create on the spot and quite pleasurable. Some couples may get more aroused while doing non-sexual activities together. For them exploring new experiences like taking a new hobby as windsurfing or tennis can break a couples’ daily routine and help them find intimacy again.

Try a new environment 

Bedrooms will kill your passionate sex eventually, so try different parts of the house like kitchens, showers, or your living room sofa. Meanwhile, get creative with setting up the mood. Prepare a playlist with sexy tracks you both like, and play it at a soft volume around your house; it will set the mood in seconds. Sex is an adult game, so play and have fun with your partner. Try role-playing and decide how real you want it to be. You can go as far as bumping into each other in the street and acting as if you were strangers, or getting a room in a hotel and role-playing as the maid and the master. Couples who usually practice role-playing sear to the benefits of how refreshing it is for their relationship. You can also try games such as rolling sex dice, play ‘no touching!’ sex trivia, and show and tell. These games will also work as exercises to know more about each other’s fantasies and bodies.

Dirty talk 

If you really know what will arouse your partner in words, then use this effective way to increase your sex experience. Dirty talk helps partners to express how they want to be touched while thrilling both and knowing how to please each other. It is an easy method you can use over the phone as a teaser or considers sexting and sending some erotic photos. They are all very powerful ways to keep up the desired relationship. 


Keeping sweet gestures in your relationship is important on many levels. Buying sexy lingerie for your woman and leaving it on the bed in a box will turn her on. Recognizing the need for foreplay is essential because it creates the space for sex so it can be approached sincerely. Also remember that post-sex love is important if you want to keep the emotions running. 

Sex should always be a satisfying experience that allows you to express your love for your partner. However, don’t let confidence get in the way. If you are displeased with how your sexual parts look, it is better not to go through surgical procedures, because they are quite risky; rather try penis and breast enlargement pumps at home. And, of course, always work on your relationship and try the five above mentioned methods, which will definitely turn on the passion and enhance your sex experience.