To find the love of your life, the chances are it will all start with a first date. While some of us are lucky enough to meet someone through a friend of a friend, many of us have to endure the daunting (but exciting) prospect of a first date. Whether you’re new to the dating scene or consider yourself a pro, here are some tips on how to ace your first date and increase the chance of scoring a second.

Take Pride in Your Appearance

When going on a first date, first impressions count. As you walk into the restaurant, you’ll want your date's eyes to light up for all the right reasons. Therefore, taking time in advance to prep and look your best will help you feel good on the inside too. This can include getting your hair done, putting on some makeup, and finding a killer outfit that fits you in all the right places. Once you get yourself dolled up, this can boost your confidence and get your date off to a good start.

Be Yourself

While this may sound obvious, you’ll be surprised at how many people aren’t truly themselves on a first date. It’s normal to feel nervous and anxious at first, but once you’ve got the greetings out the way and the conversation is flowing, don’t hide who is on the inside! Whatever quirks you have, let them shine through, rather than keeping them locked away. Your date will appreciate this and like that you’re unapologetic in your actions.

Talk About Hobbies

There’s nothing worse than a boring date full of awkward silences. To stop this from happening, have some first date topics lined up, such as your favorite hobbies. Whether you enjoy playing online slots in your spare time, gardening, exercising, or binging a Netflix show, talking about what you like to do in your free time is key. This will keep the conversation alight and encourage your date to talk about their own hobbies. 

Up Your listening Game

While a huge part of a first date is talking all about yourself, you need to remember there is someone else there to carry the conversation too. Therefore, when your date chats away, make sure you up your listening game and take what they’re saying on board. If you ask questions about what they’re saying, this will show that you’re paying attention and they’re sure to be impressed.

Give a Compliment

You can’t go wrong with paying a compliment to your date. If they look great, let them know! Too many people play games that can actually turn your date off, rather than them wanting to know more about you. No one is saying you have to go overboard with compliments either. Just one or two will do the trick.

We understand how nerve-racking a first date can be. You may feel totally relaxed in the lead-up to it, but once you sit down across from your date, your legs may turn to jelly! Instead of fretting and overthinking things, take the tips above on board and we’re sure you’ll have a first date to remember.