It’s probably impossible. I don’t mean that you’re bound to marry every Tom, Dick, and Harry who plows that ass like an Amish corn farmer. I mean that the nature of a FWB arrangement is bound to result in more emotional connection than most casual sexual relationships.

Let’s consider the alternatives: one-night stands, booty calls, and fuck buddies. One-night stands are isolated sexual encounters with a stranger. The obvious shortcoming is that you hardly know each other, which can lead to awkwardness and/or feeling used, like a homeless shelter’s crusty communal Fleshlight. Then there’s the booty call, an impromptu meeting with an acquaintance purely for the purpose of thumping thighs. Booty calls are strictly sexual encounters, whereas fuck buddies and FWBs include both social and sexual interaction. As opposed to fuck buddies, in a FWB relationship the friendship existed before — and holds priority above — the sexual relationship. 

The presence of some feelings for your FWB is expected, and even preferred, to share the trust and comfort necessary for fulfilling intimacy. Whether you’re navigating a relationship or inserting anal beads, “no strings attached” can be risky. The key is communication — negotiate boundaries and consistently check in to make sure you’re still on the same page.


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