Being ugly with an atrocious demeanor only keeps ‘em away for so long …

Even though reports continue to stack up in support of the oft-mocked “pull and pray” method, humans throughout time spent countless eons in search of a fail-safe alternative to it. After all, being ugly
with an atrocious demeanor only keeps ‘em away for so long …

Stuff It

Early Egyptians used honey, acacia leaves and lint shoved in the vag as one of the first documented forms of birth control.

It’s Not You, It’s Her

British researchers claim women on birth control seek out “muscular, rugged” men less often because effeminate men are more attractive to them with their lack of carnal instincts.

Set an Alarm

Ninety-five percent of pregnancies happen because of people being inconsistent with their birth control.

Nose Goes

Birth control pills are known to affect a woman’s sense of smell, which can ultimately impact whom they’re attracted to. (Something that also adds to the divorce rate, researchers claim.)

Girth Control

Pigeon and geese populations are sometimes controlled with pills specifically designed for birds.


From 1960 (when ‘the pill’ was introduced) to 1969, the rate at which C cup bras were being sold rose over 50 percent. The growth of women’s breasts is empirically attributed to the sale of the pill.

Random Story:

Family planning in developing countries is a way some organizations are reducing poverty and hunger, yet getting the birth control to those (often remote) places is still a challenge. But now we have drones. Separate trials in the Netherlands and Ghana have been dropping contraceptives via air, and are proving successful, too. Can they deliver to the dorms, though?

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