There are no losers when you play for both teams …

It would be pretty cool to live in a world where everyone's all naked and stuff, gleefully hopping around like bunnies and fucking … well, like bunnies. In this imagined sex utopia, there's no defined sexuality and everybody, everywhere, is just getting off.

Admittedly, it’s not easy to just up and expand one’s sexual preferences; you can't help what you are and are not attracted to. And, that's fine. But, here are eight pretty good reasons why we should all at least give it a shot:

1. You can take breaks from genders

How many times have you heard a woman say, “Ugh, I need a break from men?"

Disgruntled women can just go and hook up with a bunch of sexy ladies, instead of ripping their diaries a new one and power watching sappy Netflix movies. When they’re good and ready to forgive the offending dude gender, they can come back, and they'll be waiting with open arms.

Imagine if we could all do that; just sigh and say "see ya" to an entire group of people and go do something different for a bit.

2. It’s the preferred sexuality of the future

The results are in: 10 out of 10 evo-sapiens agree that bisexuality is the sexuality*.

With tolerance and open mindedness currently on the rise, it’s only a matter of time before intercourse with all genders becomes the common practice.

The future could, in theory, possesses a human race of pansexuals, freely drifting from one partner to the next. Why pay for expensive cryogenic freezing to preserve yourself for a future date when this happens, when you can experience this kind of sex life today?

*With no current way of contacting the future, the views of evo-sapiens, a fictional sapien created specifically to make this point we've guesstimated based on current sexual trends.

3. Being bisexual is a gift or a talent

It's like being ambidextrous or knowing two languages. If you possess the ability to fuck both genders with aplomb, consider yourself lucky.

You live a richer, fuller life with all that sexual sorcery at work — one which allows you to experience far more than the average human. Mostly because you get to fuck far more than the average human.

4. It will help with population control

Speaking strictly from a statistical standpoint, if you are getting part, if not half, of your sexual cravings satisfied from the same sex, there will be a significantly less chance of unplanned pregnancies.

This strengthens the point about bisexuality being the sexuality of the future, because the last thing this planet needs are more people. *shudders*

5. You get to have all the sex, and it might be better sex

Think about how much more sex you can have. Like, at least twice as much. So if you’re averaging one sexy time per year, you can increase that count to two!

Plus, when you're playing for your own team, you and your partner come outfitted with a pre-determined knowledge of each other's sexual anatomies, and may be able to satisfy each other in ways you never have before. There's a reason why 'lesbian porn' is the #1 search term.

6. You’ll be able to better put yourselves in everyone else's shoes

Oh, so that’s what women go through every time they put a dick in their mouth for man’s benefit. Maybe now you’ll be more thankful for the things each gender does for each other. This in turn will potentially lead to a more sexually informed people, better suited to give each other what they want. AMERICA!

7. You have more to choose from

So you show up at a party, single and ready to mingle. Except there’s one problem: it’s a total sausagefest. If you’re a dude, you’re not getting any love because the three girls that showed up are being flocked and can barely breathe. And if you’re a girl, you’re being flocked and can barely breathe.

With bisexuality, everyone would be winning. The girls would have more breathing space, and the guys could just go somewhere with each other and maybe talk about Fantasy Football when they're done.

8. There will be a lot less hate

Too much hate comes from homophobia. If more people were bisexual, there would be less reason for all this hate. We could focus on more important things, like loving each other.

Imagine a world where we all bat for the same team, and everyone has each other’s backs. There would be no more need to hand out participation ribbons, because everyone would be a winner.