What you might not know is that Fresno, California, is the birthplace of popping — the seemingly impossible dance style that will no doubt lead to countless arthritis cases in the future. 

Which is why a recent break-in at a Fresno office complex is that much more insane. Police say 43-year-old David Seal spent multiple nights and early mornings burglarizing one particular building, and in doing so, dancing his right cheek off for the cameras in a vibe generally reserved for spry teenagers and yoga enthusiasts.

Not, you know, 43-year-old street hustlers with tired eyes. 

[This is him! This is the guy! Like a creepy drunken uncle with the moves of an angel! //photo Fresno PD]

Security cameras caught Seal breaking in with a set of keys. How he got them? Police still don't know. But what they do know, is he's been charged with felony burglary and providing a false identity to an officer after he lied to them about who he was. 

But let's be honest, on the streets, dance moves like these don't go unnoticed — it was only a matter of time before authorities would find his out true fancy-foot identity. Build the battle, and he will come.