It’s August and what does that mean? Sure, temperatures are rising as summer is in full swing, but we’ve got another reason August is so hot: it’s anal month. Let’s celebrate Anal August with some fun statistics and some useful advice about anal play and sex!

Think you’re an anal sex expert? Let’s see if you’re surprised by these statistics!

One survey said that 40% of women ages 20 to 24 had ever tried anal sex. 20% of women between the ages of 20 and 39 had had anal sex in the past 12 months.

A more recent survey shows that 30% of women and 34% of men had tried anal at least once. But before you think anal is a one-and-done thing for many people, think again! 20% of women in relationships reported having anal sex over the last three months! Plus, one-third of women had done it in the past month. Anal isn’t just a one-and-done thing for many people!

Of course, these studies typically look at women as the recipient, but men can get in on the anal fun, too! Even straight men can enjoy anal stimulation (no, it doesn’t make you gay!) thanks to the prostate, which is located just inside the anal canal toward the front wall. And men who want to explore anal penetration with their female partners can do so via pegging — the act of using a strap-on for penetrative anal sex!

Did you know that, according to a 2006-2008 CDC study, 44% of straight men from ages 15-44 and 36% of straight women in the same age range admitted to having anal sex once in their life? Surprisingly, this figure is similar for gay men, with an Indiana University study yielding 36% admission to receiving anal, and 34% to giving anal. Still, the figures are fairly low. August is Anal Pleasure month – so why not try something new with anal?

Many men, both gay and straight, would likely be averse to receiving anal. However, anal is the best way to access the prostate, which can give amazing orgasms. A report from Vice Magazine involved glowing reviews of the practice, with quotes like, “Imagine the beginning of an orgasm, but lasting for 20 minutes”, and “I once heard someone liken it to the feeling of pooping … though it’s better." Romantix offers an Intro to Prostate Play Kit, so you too can experience a p-spot orgasm.

Most women don’t have a prostate, but regardless, women can get just as much pleasure from anal. Regardless of sex, the anus contains tons of nerve endings that can be stimulated sexually. One woman described anal sex as “euphoric” to Women’s Health Magazine, and another stated “[the penis] feels bigger than ever and completely fills you up”. A small toy such as the Firefly Pleasure Plug, coupled with one of the many lubricants Romantix offers, can help you start to explore the world of anal pleasure. 

If you want to do anal, here are a few tips to help. You don’t want to do it on a full stomach, and you definitely don’t want to do it with full bowels. Most people recommend emptying your bowels a few hours beforehand. If you eat a lot of fiber, this should be enough. However, for the extra fastidious, a rectal douche can clear out anything extra. For most anal, this should be sufficient, but for a longer or deeper session, you may want to look into a high enema, with a bag or shower system. An enema with your partner can also be a surprisingly erotic activity before the act.

Are you interested in exploring anal, but don’t know where to start? Contact us with any questions or comments you may have, and we’ll be happy to help you.