It's an apparel commercial with a deeper purpose …

The fashion industry has worked tirelessly over the years to be more than just what looks good on the hottest people. It's situated itself as a beacon of culture, twisting into the fibers of everyday lifestyles. One such apparel community is RUKUS, a Denver based fashion outlet that's just released its new winter lookbook through a new video in partnership with BLURRED Pictures. It's more than just clothes.

“Our intent is to inspire people to find the strength to do good for others,” RUCKUS co-owner Josh Schmitz explains of the company's new installment titled Prayer For Reconciliation. “I feel like our clothing and message are needed more than ever in light of the current political climate.”

The company has long held a belief that everyone, regardless of race, class, sex, or creed, has the power to bring about change by his or her actions. It's a statement giving inspiration to the video above. 

Shop for RUKUS Apparel at or at its flagship store Bellwether, located at 5126 E Colfax Avenue, Denver, CO.