Presented by: Oskar Blues — 921 Pearl St. Boulder, Colo.



Hometown: Berkeley, Calif.
Dream job: What I’m doing now. I want to be a therapist deployed abroad or a National Geographic photographer.
Biggest pet peeve: Ignorance and being stagnant.
Describe what you look for in a partner: Someone just as curious as I am, honest and who never wants to stop learning.
One thing you can’t live without? My passport.
Why do you think you’re a catch? Well one guy said that I am mysterious.
What is your Zodiac sign? Leo.
Do you think you’re a jealous person? Not in relationships. I don’t know if I would consider it jealousy, but I ache a little knowing I can’t live other lives.
What is the most annoying habit other couples do? Get stuck in themselves and their own lives.
How would your friends describe you? Honestly? Passionate, strange, crazy, intellectual and full-hearted. 
Favorite TV series to binge on? Peaky Blinders.


Hometown: Panama City, Fla.
Dream job: Motivational Speaker
Biggest pet peeve: It pisses me off when people call me Dave after I’ve introduced myself as David.
Describe what you look for in a partner: Who said I was looking for a partner?
One thing you can’t live without? My Apple products.
Why do you think you’re a catch? I’m funny and caring.
What’s your Zodiac sign? Libra
Do you think you’re a jealous person? No.
What is the most annoying habit other couples do? 
Baby talk!
How would your friends describe you? Funny and deep.
Favorite TV series to binge on? Game of Thrones.

The couple get settled at their table in Oskar Blues’ new Pearl Street tap room — with full pints in hand. Once they’ve had a chance to chat, and get the first round down, we pull the couple aside to see how first impressions are going.

Before having a chance to meet them, what’s going through your head?
C: I got lost walking here, and this man kept looking at his phone, so I thought he was my date, so I asked him if we were going to the same place and he said no, but that he would like to. He was really handsome and foreign so I was a little bummed because I love foreign men. 
D: This is my first blind date.

Then you see the dater, what are you thinking?
C: He’s handsome! He has a very nice smile.
D: Good, and that Rooster didn’t mess this up.

What’s the first thing you noticed about them?
C: His posture sitting at the bar.
D: Her hair.

How were the first impressions?
C: I think he’s overwhelmed.
D: Good?

Give us three words that describe your current dating life. 
C: Men, women, together.
D: Open to possibilities.

What are you looking for from the other dater?
C: Nothing, I’m just here for the experience. I’m really happy the food is free.
D: Good conversation.

Where do you usually meet people?
C: Through friends.
D: Tinder.

What advice did your friends give you?
C: To share my location in case I get killed — serious!
D: Be yourself.

The couple split the house wings, each sauce infused and inspired by Oskar’s signature beers like Dale’s Pale Ale original buffalo — followed by burgers with deliciously unique toppings. Afterward, we pull them aside once more to see if the beer shots are helping them warm up to each other a little more.

How was dinner?
C: It’s good!
D: Dinner is good.

How’s the date going?
C: Strangely.
D: I’d say it’s going pretty good. 

Now that you’ve had time to talk, are you attracted to them?
C: Not sexually at this point.
D: Yes.

If you could give them a trophy what would it be for?
C: I feel bad for saying this, but it would be for coming off as both charming and evasive. 
D: She has really nice hair.

What do you and the dater have in common?
C: We both like Dave Chappelle.
D: We both like Dave Chappelle.

Are you holding back?
C: I don’t know that he respects me, so yes.
D: No.

What would your friends and family say about them?
C: They’d be happy he’s not white.
D: Well, she’s super cute.

How’s the chemistry?
C: My chemistry is based off of conversation and personality, and so far we are very different. I admire him as a person and he seems interesting, I’m just not very attracted to him.
D: Jury’s still out. 

Are you looking forward to more time with them?
C: If the subject changes, it’s been porn for the last 15 minutes.
D: Yes.

How did Rooster do picking your date and date spot?
C: This spot is awesome! Servers are great, food is great and lighting is good. In terms of choosing a date, I was kind of wondering if this was a social experiment. 
D: Rooster did really great!

It seems like things could have gone better. Maybe they just got off on the wrong foot — first impressions can’t always be how you judge a person. David definitely seemed into her, and she was warming up to him a bit more at the end. So, we follow up with them the next day to see if this social experiment worked.

What happened after dinner?
C: I live in Denver, so I headed back to town once I said my goodbyes.
D: She offered me her number, I accepted it, but that’s it.

What was your favorite part of the date?
C: The experience as a whole; it became instantly evident to me I’ve never been in that sort of situation. It was fun and interesting to navigate being in between a proper date and then being pulled aside to process it with the publishers. 
D: The anticipation. 

After all was said and done, how was the night?
C: It was a nice night. Reflecting on my answers to the earlier questions, I genuinely feel a bit bad for how harsh or judgmental I came off. I’m quite guarded, which I believe makes it easier for me to find things more disenchanting than enchanting. He was a very nice man, confident with himself, and was easy to talk to. It felt more friendly than flirtatious from my end, which may have made the date seem rigid or even like an interrogation (oops.).
D: It was ok. I don’t think we clicked in hardly any areas but she was kind and open.

Would you have changed anything about the date?
C: Perhaps the time of day and having the option to sit outside. I think atmosphere plays a huge part with how one feels, which makes me curious how the date would have gone if we had had lunch outside on a sunny day, you know? 
D: I wish she wasn’t a decade younger than me. Although due to her extensive travels and experiences, I felt she was much much older mentally.

Final question, would you go on a second date with them? 
C: No. I said I was open to befriend him, but not date him. We have very different perspectives on how to live life, what our priorities are, and what makes us happy in the end.
D: Yes. She was interesting and attractive, so maybe over time we could build a connection.

Even though nothing more came of their first evening together, maybe next time Chi is in Boulder they can grab lunch in the sun. Perhaps under different circumstances they’ll hit it off. Rooster isn’t giving up on finding someone out there love though, so let us know if you’re ready to meet someone over some free food and entertaining interviews!