Even in hard times, love finds a way to blossom. Sometimes it's a random meet-cute, sometimes it's a dating app. And sometimes, your friends sign you up for Rooster's blind date. Cupid works in mysterious ways. This month, we set our daters up at Boulder's Centro Mexican Kitchen for a spicy evening of Latin food and (hopefully) el amor…




Hometown: Sharon Center, Ohio

Age: 29

Current job: Freelance theatrical lighting designer

Zodiac sign: Capricorn

Pets: No pets, I have some plants though, a bonsai tree and I’m trying to grow avocados.

First concert: KISS

Most recent concert: Technically Decadence, I was a volunteer PA for it.

What’s your type: I look for intelligence, strength and a strong will, a girl who knows who she is. I never complain about pretty eyes.

Deal Breakers: Chewing with your mouth open, lying, treating service staff poorly.

My friends would describe me as: Positive and outgoing person who cares a lot about others.

Guilty pleasure: Ice cream.

Celebrity crush: Daisy Ridley and Emma Watson.



Hometown: Denver, born and raised.

Age: 28

Current job: Bartender at Whiskey Tango Fox and a freelance cinematographer.

Zodiac sign: Virgo

Pets: Little cat, she's pretty cool. Her names Kitty Kat Tom Collins.

First concert: An underground Casualties show in a storage unit down in CO Springs.

Most recent concert: I work in a nightclub so I’m at shows every weekend when I’m working.

What’s your type: Little buttheads with mustaches who ride motorcycles and think they’re too cool.

Deal breakers: People who don’t treat service industry workers well, guys who hate their mom and pot heads (Im allergic to weed smoke).

My friends would describe me as: Fun and bubbly, literally the life of the party.

Guilty pleasure: Hot Wings, whiskey and Christmas movies.

Celebrity crush: Christian Slater and Anthony Bourdain, RIP.


Round 1

We let the daters meet eachother over drinks and awkward small talk. After they've met and are good and liquored up, we pull them aside to see how things are going. 

Describe your dating life in three words:

David: Always optimistic, hopeful.

Demi: Everybody always says nonexistent and I hate that, for me it’s not that it’s nonexistent… it’s all over the place.


Have you ever been on a blind date before?

David: No, this is my first, so I was nervously excited.

Demi: Yes, we’re actually still friends to this day.


Where do you usually meet potential partners?

David: Through work, being in theatre or going out and meeting new people. 

Demi: That’s the problem, because I bartend at four different bars and I don’t date anyone I work with, it makes it hard to meet new people. 


What’s your pickup strategy?

David: Nope, don’t have any. I don’t even have a go to pick-up line.

Demi: Trolling them on the internet, I’m pretty blunt so I don’t mind going right up to someone if I think they’re hot. 


Did your friends give you any advice before the date?

David: Nope, I told a bunch of people and they said "Have fun." Not really any advice.

Demi: My brother said "You should wear an eye patch, say you were abandoned as a child, adopted by wolves and then abandoned by those wolves and are now seeking vengeance," and to change my accent every 30 mins while leading everything back to conspiracies.


What are you looking for with a partner?

David: Looking for a companion to travel and enjoy the ups and downs of life with, who adds value to my life and can make me smile.

Demi: Someone who's motivated and autonomous and can eat a ton of hot wings and can make me laugh. 


What does your ideal date look like?

David: When two people can part each other with smiles and glowing from the inside. And ice cream.

Demi: Sleeping in, getting a bowl of pho, taking a nap, waking up and drinking whiskey. Fav whiskey is rockhill farms. Probably jump off something.


Have you ever had a date walk out halfway?

David: Nope, even if it’s not going well I’ll at least make it to the end of the date.

Demi: I’ve kicked a date out halfway once… he needed to charge his phone so I let him in my apartment, then I caught this asshole snapchatting his friends that I was crazy because I have a lot of taxidermy in my place. Like fuck you, charge your phone somewheres else. 


How are the first impressions?

David: Very fun and outgoing, super bubbly.

Demi: Way less intimidating than expected, things are going smooth.


Are you attracted to your date?

David: She’s pretty, I think our personalities might not match up very well.

Demi: He looks a lot like my ex, makes him hard to take seriously.


Round 2

The daters have ordered, the drinks are flowing and banter is in the air! What's this? Do we have a potential match?! Maybe… 


Then again, it might be too early to tell. If David hadn't dressed so much like Demi's ex-boyfriend, he might have gotten off on a better foot. Still, this date is far from over! We've barely turned the corner of the first round. Anything could happen.

How’s it going overall?

David: Fantabulous.

Demi: It’s fine, we’re getting along well.


What are you two talking about?

David: OMG everything, from hobbies to high school life to what we’re eating now.

Demi: Forging swords, theatre, a lot about cats. That’s the majority.


What’s something interesting your date has shared with you?

David: We both did theatre in high school and we’re both super nerds.

Demi: I admire people who have interesting stories, being able to forge your own metal is pretty cool.


On a scale of 0-5 how is the chemistry?

David: 5

Demi:  3.27


Do you have any major similarities or differences?

David: Thats a hard thing. We’re bouncing off each other's convos so I don’t know about differences, we’re both super huge fans of whiskeys, both did theatre in high school, both had fun experiences at Red Rocks (I performed there, she's been there).

Demi: Yea, I found out a lot more. We’re both theatre nerds, we like knives.


How was dinner? What did you get?

David: Dinner was amazing. We got the octopus and salsa platter, pork belly and fish tacos.

Demi: Charred octopus to start, pork belly tacos. All were so wonderful.


Is Centro a good spot for a date?

David: Yeah it’s a great spot with a chill atmosphere. 

Demi: I love the shareable aspect of their food, I think it’s perfect for a date. 


Would you go on another date with each other?

David: I’m open to it, she’s cool

Demi: I really like his personality, he’s sweet and likable. In terms of someone I want to date maybe not — just cool friends.


Where do you want the rest of the night to go?

David: Probably where its going now, going to Denver together to meet some mutual friends

Demi: Were going to see a bunch of friends where I work, then go from there.


Round 3

Both of our daters like sharp metal objects, they love the octopus, they're bonding over theater nerd stuff! But, sadly, the sparks of attraction aren't really flying. That's okay — it's not all about physical attraction, right? There's still some kind of hope for this date. Right? … We have faith, as our daters enter the third and most critical round.


What happened after Rooster left?

David: We both ended up going to a party to meet up with some friends.

Demi: We went to our friend Will’s place, hung out, stayed there ‘til like 3 or 4 in the morning.


Did Rooster find a match?

David: I think you found a match as far as friends, definitely. Romantically I don’t really know yet, we’d have to go on a few more dates.

Demi: Uhhhhh, no lol. Not in a romantic way. Friends for sure. I couldn't see myself dating someone who looked that much like my ex. 


Was there a goodbye kiss?

David: There was not, no.

Demi: Nope.


Overall, how was it?

David: I had a good time, I’d love to do it again anytime.

Demi: It was great. I had good food and a lot of belly laughs, it was nice getting to know him


Do you have any advice for future Blind Daters?

David: Always go into it with an open mind and open heart, and be prepared to have a good time. 

Demi: Don’t take yourself too seriously.


Do you have any regrets from last night?

David: Not really, only that I wish it could have lasted just a little bit longer.

Demi:  Nope, no regrets. 


What’s next in your dating life?

David: I would like to find someone special, but when that’s gonna be IDK. I’ll just keep meeting new people and see where it takes me. 

Demi: A lifetime of misery and woe. (Just kidding, sort of.)


Is there anything you want to end with?

David: Thanks for such a great evening, definitely unforgettable

Demi: Uhh not really, idk… it was fun! Thanks!



It's never a failed date if both parties walk out with a new friend… but damnit would it would be nice to actually send a couple home one of these months! Whatever, though. If Centro's pork belly and fish tacos couldn't light a fire between these two daters, then they were doomed from the start. Sometimes, Cupid is real shit shot.