Hometown: Ridgefield, Conn.

Age: 27

Current job: Sales normally, currently unemployed because of COVID-19

Zodiac sign: Libra

Pets: Cat, Nibs

First concert: Badfish Sublime Cover

Most recent concert: I forget some kind of house music

What’s your type: Brunettes and someone who's intelligent, witty, and open minded

My friends would describe me as: Funny and competitive I guess, I hate these kind of questions

Guilty pleasure: Playing Xbox or Doom

Celebrity crush: Natalie Portman



Hometown: Waukesha, Wisc.

Age: 28

Current job: Campus Recruiter

Zodiac sign: Aries

Pets: Two dogs, their names are Happy and Grumpy

First concert: All American Rejects, unless you count Barney Live when I was two

Most recent concert: Post Malone 

What’s your type: Athletic, outdoorsy, funny, I like handsome guys but who doesn’t, funny is a big one I need to be able joke around

Deal breakers: Not that I can put in here (Small dick)

My friends would describe me as: Sassy, strong

Guilty pleasure: I love the show glee

Celebrity crush: Sam Elliot, who cares that he’s like 70?


Round 1

Somehow, someway, we pulled off the first ever COVID blind date. Following all CDC guidelines for dating, we introduce the Xbox gamer and the Campus recruiter, hoping that sparks (and not germs) will start flying. After they've ordered food and gotten to know eachother, we pull them aside to ask if that's their chemistry smoking, or just the bowls?

Describe your dating life in three words:

C: Spontaneous, open minded.

M: My hand hurts. 


Have you ever been on a blind date before?

C: No, this is a first.

M: No, first one.


What’s your pickup strategy?

C: I’m really good when I’m in a group of people and can make them laugh while figuring out how to approach someone. I’m better at being charming in a group, not just approaching some random girl.

M: I typically pick off the one who seems timid in his group of friends — the quiet ones. I prey on the weak.


Are there any weird dating stories from the past that you’d like to share? 

C: Nothing too weird. I mean, I have stayed off Tinder so that probably helps.

M: I was hanging out with this one guy, I met him at a bar. It turns out he just got out of college and made three times more money than me, and it was awkward being close to 30 and hanging out with a way more successful 22 year old. 


Did your friends give you any advice before the date?

C: When I told people about it, they said, 'that sounds neat, have fun and be yourself.' 

M: No, I got no advice. I was told to video tape it and fill them in on every detail but no advice, besides to stab him if he tries to do something shady, but they told me to stab him with a butterknife — like what would that even do? Everyone thought it’d be a disaster because, well, me.


How are the first impressions? 

C: Positive, she reminds me of some people I went to college with, super laid back and easy going.

M: I could take him. I'm not scared.


What are you looking for with a partner? 

C: Someone who's willing to travel and try new things.

M: Literally a partnership, open to growing together and can take outside input and reflect to make changes and also being open and willing to tell me if something is off. Also, good sex.


Are you attracted to your date? 

C: Sure. Yeah. I don’t know yet. Yeah, let’s say yes. 

M: He’s cute, my attraction and chemistry go much deeper, so it’s a little harder to know. Plus I’m sober right now. But he’s good looking and taller with tattoos so I’d say, yes.


Round 2

The food has arrived and Madisson hasn't stabbed anyone with a butterknife yet — that's hopeful. And Cole's relaxed enough he's started answering with more than one word. Are things are about to get spicy?! We let the two share stories over delicious bowls as we lurk in the corner, hyperventillatilating through our N95 masks. Finally, feeling left out (and a little light-headed), we head over to catch up with the lovely daters and see how things are progressing.  


How’s it going overall? 

C: Going very well, I’m enjoying myself. Realistically this whole quarantine bullshit has kept me from meeting new people. Nice to talk to someone new.

M: It’s going well, we’re talking a lot so that’s a good sign.


What are you two talking about? 

C: College, where we’re from, our pets, stuff like that. Both really competitive and we like hiking. 

M: Hiking and tattoos. And our answers from the first round.


When was your last relationship? 

C: We broke up right around when COVID started. 

M: It just ended 3-4 months ago. 


What's something interesting your date has shared with you?

C: I'm not good with short term memory.

M: I thought it was interesting he likes getting tattoos but doesn’t like getting them with meaning. I only get them if they have a meaning but he’s the total opposite, so it’s unique.


On a scale of 0-5 how is the chemistry?

C: 4. 

M: 3 or 4, not super romantic strong but it's not 'omg I wish I hadn’t done this.' 


Do you have any major similarities or differences?

C: We both live in the midwest, both went to universities out there, both really competitive and we like hiking. 

M: Lots of similarities but I think it’s super funny we both ended serious relationships at the same time.


How was dinner? What did you get?

C: The Greek Bowl, it was fantastic.

M: I got the Longmont Bowl and it was really good. I didn’t eat much because we’ve been talking a lot and I ate a sandwich at 3 pm.


Is Smokin' Bowls a good spot for a date? 

C: Yeah, it’s different but I like it.

M: Yeah, it’s got a good vibe in here. 


Would you go on another date with each other? 

C: Yeah, she’s cool.

M: I’d be open to it.


Where do you want the rest of the night to go? 

C: Wherever it leads us, I have no expectations, I’m just going with it.

M: I have no money so unless he’s planning to pay, just go home, maybe swap numbers and plan to do something outdoors.


Round 3

Things are looking promising tonight, Rooster readers! As the daters exchange tattoo tales and numbers, we dip out, to let fate run its course. The next day, we check back in with the daters by phone, hoping to hear news they eloped and couldn't be more greatful to Rooster for introducing them to their soulmate. That wasn't the case … but it still ended well. 


What happened after Rooster left?

C: We went to Denver to get some drinks.

M: We chatted and then left because the restaurant was closing, we went to Denver to grab a drink. 


Was there a goodbye kiss? 

C: No, but there will be eventually. 

M: No, but there was a hug. It was kinda awkward. 


Did Rooster find a match?

C: Yeah. I think so at least. 

M: I don’t know. It’s kinda too early to tell.  


Overall, how was it?

C: Very fun, I had a great time. 10/10.

M: It was fun.


Do you have any advice for future Blind Daters?

C: Be open minded with the experience, even if you don’t end up being romantically involved. At least you have the experience.

M: Go in with an open mind. Definitely awkward at first but it gets better.


Do you have any regrets from last night?

C: No, regrets. 

M: No.


What’s next in your dating life?

C:  I wouldn’t mind another blind date.

M: I have no idea, just getting back out there I guess.


Is there anything you want to end with?

C: I don't know, it was a really cool experience. I never thought I’d go on a blind date so I’m glad I did it.

M: It was a lot fun. It was a neat restaurant.



Denver for drinks, an awkward hug, the promise of an eventual kiss, a 10/10 rating?? Hot damn. What more could you ask for from a blind date? We'll go ahead and call that one a success. And with that, we wrap up Rooster's first ever COVID blind date. That is, until next month, when we'll bring together another lucky (and healthy) couple of individuals for dinner, drinks and unpredictable company. Until then!