Hometown: Warner Robins, Ga.
Occupation: Construction & Engineering Recruiter.
Sign: Virgo.
Favorite color: Green.
Pets: Growing up I had dogs and cats.
What’s your type? Blondes. I don’t discriminate though. 
Deal breakers: Very conservative people. 
Hobbies: Soccer. Music festivals.


Hometown: Arvada, Colo.
Occupation: Assistant at mobile vet clinic.
Sign: Virgo.
Favorite color: Pink.
Pets: Five cats and a dog.
What’s your type? Taller than me. Cute.
Deal breakers: Desperation.
Hobbies: Binge-watching television. 

1530 Blake St., Denver, Colo. 80202

Rooster meets this months Blind Daters in the warm streets of LoDo. Both our daters are excited to drink and dine at Freshcraft, so we escape the 100 degree heat and head inside for ice cold refreshments. The kind grandmama used to make. Though as it begins, we cross our fingers hoping this date turns hot.

Describe your dating life in three words: 
Don’t really date. 
IAN: Casual, not promising.  

Have you been on a blind date before?
No, this is my first time.  
I: Never, no. 

Are you planning to attend any summer concerts?
No, but I did see Panic! at the Disco at the First Bank Center, that was fun.    
I: I’m attending Global Dance Festival this weekend and I’m going to Dancefestopia in Kansas City this September.

What were your first impressions of your date?
I thought he was really nice.  
I: She’s really shy. She doesn’t drink. I’ll try suggesting the CBD cocktails.     

What have you two been talking about? 
I’ve talked about him moving to Colorado. Talked about college life in Fort Collins and Boulder. I suggested he check out some of the outdoor stuff, I don’t really do that stuff [laughs] — but a lot of people like hiking and water rafting.   
I: How Red Rocks is overrated! There’s not much space to move around, everyone is stuck in their own spot and you can’t really interact with the audience. There are steps everywhere too. 

Last serious relationship?
I’ve never had a serious relationship.    
I: Last September, I ended a year-long relationship. 

Any recent bad date experiences?
I overslept and was an hour late for a date; he was really mad. He told me that he does karate and once he was late to class so he was demoted from black belt to brown belt. He gave me a karate lesson.  
I: Not really, I just moved here two months ago. I’ve been out on only one or two dates.  

Melissa doesn’t date much and Ian just wants plenty of room to dance! After drinks, appetizers and time to get to know each other, we check in with our fancy AF daters and see if they’re plotting the groundwork to tango together or sofa surf solo.

How was dinner? 
It was pretty good! I ordered the Steakhouse Salad.
I: The Poke Nachos are amazing!  

If you were on death row what would be your last meal?
Thanksgiving food! Turkey with mashed potatoes and gravy.  
I: Sushi! 

We noticed CBD cocktails at your table, how were the drinks? 
I tried CBD oil before and I break out so I had to pass on those.      
I: The CBD sangria was tasty!

What’s something interesting or attractive your date has shared with you? 
M: We’re close in age. He graduated with a degree from college. He likes EDM.
I: She’s a super nice girl. She said she’s into art. Maybe she’ll have another sip of her cider and I’ll find out she’s a stripper or something.

On a 0-5 scale how is the chemistry? 
Since I don’t do a lot of dating I’m not really sure. Probably a 3. 
I: I would say a 2.  

What are your expectations for the rest of the evening? 
I’m not sure, honestly, I guess I really don’t have expectations. 
I: I’ll probably just say goodnight.

We leave our daters to chat and mingle together without the creepy gaze of the Rooster staff watching their every move. The next day, we catch up with Melissa and Ian to find out how the rest of the night went.

What happened after Rooster left?
We chilled for a bit and walked around the 16th Street Mall and talked. It was fun, we got to know each other more. He hasn’t been around Denver much so I suggested we walk around.  
I: We walked around the mall and hung out a little bit. Didn’t really do anything after, she got my contact info then said good bye. 

Do you think there will be a second date?
Yeah, I’d go on a second date. We haven’t talked but I added him on Facebook and Instagram, and got a phone number so we’ll see.
I: No, I probably wouldn’t want to go on a second date. She’s a sweet girl but she’s not really my type. I’m looking for someone a little crazier. We could be friends.   

What was the one thing you wish you could have changed about your date?
We didn’t really talk about dating or romantic things so maybe adding that into the conversation would have been better.  
I: Nothing wrong with the date, the chemistry just wasn’t really there.

How did you two end your evening together?
I asked him to take a selfie and exchanged numbers because he asked for the photo, but I haven’t heard from him yet. 
I: She asked for my number and my Instagram; we took a selfie together; I walked her to her car. We said good bye and then I walked away. 

If you had to submit a Yelp review for this date how many stars would you rate your night?
Four stars, it was a lot smoother than I thought it was going to be. I didn’t know what to expect. He was cute but it wasn’t as romantic as it could of been.
I: Three stars, free drinks and free food. It wasn’t a terrible date we just didn’t connect, but was a good experience.


Maybe it’s the CBD cocktails talking, but Rooster is still feeling pretty good about our evening. There wasn’t a love connection, but there was a beautiful summer evening shared by all and no one had to forfeit their black belt. We also learned a lot about dating while reviewing the ancient art of karate on Wikipedia. The philosophy behind it is vast and complex, just like looking for a partner. So, where’s the closest Home Depot you ask? May we all grab the proverbial wood and karate chop it in the name of love. Until next month Rooster lovers, keep your hearts open and your kicks as fast as lightning!

[Have a single friend older than 21 and interested in a free meal and drinks? Send them on a Blind Date by emailing with your friend's photo, dating information, dater preferences amd ultimate deal breakers. ANY AND ALL TYPES WELCOME!]