Each month, we set two daters up on a blind date at a delicious restaurant, give them free food and drinks, then wait for the magic to happen. Sometimes it's good and sometimes it's a complete trainwreck. Let's see what happens this month as we set Shannon and Hewitt on a date at Max Gill and Grill

Meet the Daters:


Hometown: Denver, Colo. 

Age: 27

Current job: Yoga instructor + Travel nanny + Social media manager   

Zodiac sign: Taurus 

Favorite color: Teal 

Pets: No 

First concert: The Fray

What’s your type? Funny. Beards. Good smiles. 

Chill vibes.

Deal breakers: Being boring

My friends would describe me as:  Bubbly, positive and ditzy


Hometown: Fairfield, Conn.

Age: 26

Current job: Photographer 

Zodiac sign: Pisces

Favorite color: Blue

First concert: Weezer

Pets: Me, no; roommate has a mini Aussie Shepherd. 

Whats’s your type: Someone fit and in shape. Intelligent.  Witty and humorous. 

Deal breakers: Being controlling, for sure. Argumentative. Drama feeders. 

My friends would describe me as: Impulsive, sensitive and adventurous.


The Location:

Max Gill & Grill

1052 S Gaylord St, Denver, CO 80209

Rooster sets up in one of the best hangout spots decorating Wash Park, Max Gill and Grill. While hanging out in the back, we wait for our handsome couple to arrive — the bartender serves us ice cold beers over a conversation about the the Jersey Shore reboot, mimicking a fist pump to a basic dance track. The air is thick with romance and hair gel tonight. They finally arrive. Let’s meet our daters… 

Describe your dating life in three words:

SHANNON: Whoa. That. Was. Fucked. 

HEWITT: Infrequent. Fuck. IDK. 


Where do you usually meet potential partners? 

S: Friends of friends. Work or the bars.

H: My Friends; my girl friends.  


What’s your pickup strategy?

S: Try to play it cool but compliment them to get their attention. 

H: Go up to her and say hi, ask her her name. 

Any weird dating stories from your past you’d like to share?

S: We were hanging out and went to go get groceries to cook food. He went to the self checkout and was stealing the food. He would scan one thing and put a ton of things in the bag. I had never seen anything like that before. 

H: The girl got really hammered, puked in 10 minutes, I had to drive her home and then put her to bed which she peed in.   


Have you been on a blind date before?

S: Never.  

H: No.


What were you thinking before your Rooster Blind Date?

S: I’m really late.

H:  I wish I had beer in my car. 


Did your friends give you blind date advice?

S: My roommate said something like are you going to make up a funny name? Another friend said be yourself, have fun.  

H: Yeah, I talked to my sister, she said,  “Do what mom would tell you to do, be nice, be a gentlemen”.


What do you like to do for fun?

S: I love to get in nature, go to live music, dancing, hanging out and getting high. I love art and painting.  

H: I’m a huge climber, it’s how I spend most of my time. Listening to music, I’m listening to Lil Smokies, Tyler Childers.  

Our blind daters arrive and are seated at the most romantic seat Max Gill and Grill has to offer; a stone fireplace warms the cold November evening off of our cute couple as they settle into their table for two. Shannon and Hewitt exchange big smiles as they enjoy the first round of drinks. Nearby, a married couple is celebrating a wedding anniversary; surrounding guests are on dinner dates; it’s very romantic in here — it’s time to suck and shuck … some oysters. 


First impressions of your date?

S: Good vibes, relaxed, easy to talk to and he likes to travel. Good first impressions.

H: Very cute. Not shy. She’s very confident.  


Is Max Gill and Grill a good date spot? 

S: Yeah, the waitress is so chill and super fun. The fireplace is very romantic, the back bar and its tiki vibes — I really like it. The seafood is really good for Denver. 

H: Great date spot. Best hospitality I’ve had in Denver in a while. 


What are you two talking about?

S: Music, dogs and traveling to Moab. Thanksgiving and a bunch of different stuff — conversation is flowing.    

H: Lots of things, I’m having a blast.  


How was dinner?  

S: So bomb! Got a bunch of stuff to share. The waitress has been super cool making sure we’re comfortable.

H: We split everything: lobster, flatbread, crabcakes … super good!

Are you looking forward to spending more time with your date?

S: Umm, hmm *big smile* [laughs]. 

H: Yes, super organic convo, similar interests — general love for the outdoors. Yeah, for sure. Things are going really well.


Any advice for future Rooster Blind Daters? 

S: Just come in open minded. Come in and just do it! 

H: Go in with no expectations, it’s easy to stay in your comfort zone but come in with an open mind.

Our blind daters enjoy dessert, drinks and more fist pumping flavors at the tiki bar. Our lovely couple blend into the crowd as if they have been dating for months. We shuck our way outta there to give the daters some alone time but not before bartender, Pauly D. Minus, shows us a gross YouTube video of his shoulder getting popped back into place — not cool bro. Rooster connects with our seafood lovers a few days later to find out if they’re date was a catch or if was a release… 


What happened after you left Max?

S: Hewitt dropped me off at my house, I was pretty toasted when he dropped me off so I really don’t remember what I was talking about on the way home. I would have stayed longer. I loved the back bar’s tiki vibes.

H: Dropped her off, she had to work in the morning. 

Was there a goodbye kiss?

S: No, just hugged. We exchanged numbers, nothing juicy.

H: No, but she did call. 


How’d Rooster do setting up your Blind Date?

S: Rooster did a good job creating the vibe and creating a cool space … I think Rooster did a great job.

H: Stoked for the opportunity to meet people. It’s cool and an organic experience to meet someone in a setting you don’t have control over.

How about a second date?

S: I texted him two days later and I actually didn’t hear back. 

H: Possibly; I’m at Yosemite and I’m hanging off a cliff right now. We’re rigging for a photoshoot in the morning.


Overall, how was the night?

S: It flowed really well, I didn’t think it was awkward at any point. I had fun with the server and the Rooster staff. Regardless of what happened, it was a really good experience. 

H: Definitely fun. It was an awkward situation, but could have been worse. She was a cool girl. 


What’s next?

S: Keepin’ on keepin’ on, ya know? Just doing my thing. I am really determined to not meet my next boyfriend online

H: Keep climbing, keep working, keep dating.


Hewitt and Shannon have yet to reconnect since their date but Rooster has determined this date was a catch! A wonderful evening with attractive daters, great food and a fun atmosphere — what else could you ask for on a first date?  If Free Willy 3 and A River Runs Through It have taught us anything, it’s to never give up and nothing is going to nibble your rod if your bait is all wrong. Until our next Blind Date, keep casting for love Colorado!