It’s time to roll the dice and see if Rooster can help two singles make a love connection! We meet our daters at The Game Lounge, Denver’s newest spot for board games, beer and bodacious bites! Will this date pass Go and collect $200? Let’s meet our romantic players and find out …

Meet the Daters


Hometown: Cleveland, OH.

Age: 24.

Current job: Speech pathologist.

Zodiac sign: Cancer. 

Favorite color: All of them! I like to wear is burgundy.

First concert: Fallout Boy.

What’s your type? Friendly and open minded, positive, good sense of humor, curious.

Deal breakers: Being cocky and self centered.

My friends would describe me as: Positive, energetic. friendly, outgoing, open minded and silly.


Hometown: Boulder, CO.

Age: 25.

Current job: Apparel designer.

Zodiac sign: Gemini. 

Favorite color: Blue.

First concert: Atmosphere at Red Rocks.

What’s your type? Cute, bubbly and outgoing. I usually go for brunettes.

Deal breakers: Dishonesty.

My friends would describe me as: Driven. A little goofy and always up for a good time

Location: The Game Lounge

1490 Eudora St, Denver, CO 80220

We pull the daters aside after they've had a few drinks and find out how first impressions went. 

Describe your dating life in three words:

SARAH: Keeping it casual. 

GREYDEN: Off and on. 

What do you like to do for fun? 

S: Hanging with my friends and my sister. I love hiking. I recently learned how to ski. I like to go to concerts; live music is always fun.

G: Ski, golf, and go out with friends. I wake surf, where you’re towed behind a boat on a mini surfboard — you toss the rope back to the boat then surf the wave behind the boat. 

When was your last serious relationship?

S: Two years ago. 

G: Two years ago.

How do you usually meet singles?

S: Hinge. I’d like to meet someone organically though.

G: Through friends or online dating, sadly. I don’t have a problem going up to a girl at a bar I think is cute.  

Have any immediate swipe left triggers?

S: Mirror pictures. Cowboy boots. If they smoke cigarettes.  

G: If all their photos have Snapchat filters.  

Dating app turn ons?

S: If they look adventurous and spend time outside. If they’re around friends a lot. Seem close to their family. 

G: I like to see them with their friends, it’s not just them in every photo. When they’re with their friends I can usually tell that person likes to have a good time.

What were you looking forward to tonight on your Blind Date?

S: Meeting a new person and seeing how it goes.  

G: To meet someone new; to try going on a Blind Date.  

What do you enjoy most about living in Denver?

S: It’s easy to meet new people. Everyone seems to be super welcoming and adventurous and eager to explore.

G: Being close to the mountains. The nightlife.

While checkers-deep in a heated match of Connect Four, we pause the exciting gameplay to snoop on our daters. After a few drinks and a lot of conversation, it was time to pull each one aside to find out how the game of love is going.

On a scale of 1-10 how is the early chemistry?

S: Eight.

G: Eight, at least, we’re having a blast.


What are you two talking about?

S: Everything! We are getting to know each other.

G: She’s just moved to Colorado so we’re taking about cool places to visit, camping and things that she wants to do in Colorado.


What were your first impressions of the date? 

S: I was very excited to meet him and get to know him. He’s attractive, I’m very attracted to people with a great personality, he’s super friendly. 

G: She’s cute! She’s really outgoing.

Favorite board game?

S: Rummikub!     

G: Apples to Apples.


How was dinner? 

S: Really good! The crab sliders were my favorite.

G: It was really fuckin’ good! I’d definitely go back. Appetizers were good as well.

Is The Game Lounge a good date spot?

S: Oh my God, so fun, this is definitely a place I’d go to; I’m glad Rooster introduced me to it.  

G: It’s a great spot! Lots of games to play, the staff is nice — I didn’t know what to expect, great atmosphere here.


What’s most appealing about your date?

S: He’s fun. I’ve enjoyed hearing about his job and learning where I should go skiing.  

G: Her travel experience. Classic Front Range Boulder-Denver girl, loves yoga. Goes and does it instead of just talking about it. 


How’d Rooster do setting up your Blind Date?

S: Great! We had a lot of conversation going, that always helps.  

G: Rooster did a really good job; we were there a long time talking. I’ve definitely been on worse dates. [laughs] 

It feels like Rooster has a Clue when it comes to matchmaking. Will this be the Uno or did their Battleship sink? Let’s find out …

What happened after Rooster left The Game Lounge?

S: We stayed until 10:00 p.m.; we were both shocked how late it was on a weeknight. We didn’t get to any games because we were taking so much. 

G: We hung out and had a glass of wine, exchanged numbers. It went well, we both had to work the next day so nothing crazy happened. We’ve talked a bit via text.


Was there a goodbye kiss?

S: No goodbye kiss, just a goodbye hug. I was happy with the hug.

G: There was not, just getting to know each other, we’ll see what the future holds.  


How about a second date?

S: Yeah, I would; I don’ if we will but it was a good time. He has my number so if he asked I’d go out again. I had a lot of fun.

G: No exact plans but we talked about it. 


Overall, how was the night?

S: it was so fun. I’m really glad I went. I really like meeting new people. 

G: Really good, something I’ve never done. Rooster was awesome, so was the staff. We had a lot to talk about; it was a great experience all around. 

Any advice for future Rooster Blind Daters?

S: I didn’t go in with any expectations — it was really fun. Go open-minded. You get a meal and drinks and meet new people, so it was great! 

G: Grab a drink before!  


What’s next?

S: I’m in California now with friends, I enjoy meeting new people so I’m just going with the flow. 

G: Lots of travel for work coming up. Preparing for an overseas work trip. 


Sarah and Greyden had a wonderful time together. Rooster scores this date a checkmate! Though we suggest Greydon invites Sarah to a rematch. While playing the game of love, finding someone that isn’t from the cast of Dungeons & Dragons can be difficult — when you find the winning piece don’t be Sorry! Good luck out there you dating gamers, until next time, remember, no cheating.  

-Alex Miros