Hometown: Thornton, Colo.
Occupation: Auto Parts Sales
Sign: Capricorn
Favorite color: Blue
Pets: Three dogs: Ranger, Rambo and Margo.
What’s your type: I attract dirtbags.
Dealbreakers: Rudeness. Lack of manners. 
First Concert: 
Hootie & the Blowfish 
Guilty pleasure:
Eating baked goods like cake after a night of drinking.


Hometown: Racine, Wis.
Occupation: Ale Ambassador 
Sign: Leo, I think.
Favorite color: Brown. A nice tan or brown color. 
No pets but my roommates have always had dogs.
What’s your type? Goofy. Enjoys the outdoors. Into music. 
Dealbreakers: Bad sense of humor. Chicago sports fans. 
First Concert: Mötley Crüe
Guilty pleasure: Michal Jackson music & 80’s Hair Metal.

The Woods
3330 Brighton Blvd. Denver, Colo. 80216

Our daters are set for a wonderful summer evening out on the town! Rooster takes in the breathtaking rooftop views of the Denver skyline and the Rocky Mountains high above The Source Hotel at The Woods restaurant and beer garden. The two roaring fireplaces should spark some romance, let’s see if our daters are a perfect pair.

Describe your dating life in three words: 
Short. Sad. Entertaining. 
DOUG: Tough. Inconsistent. Rewarding.  

How do you usually meet singles?
I find them everywhere.  
D: On the mountain or in the taproom. 

What’s your pickup strategy?
I have terrible pickup line icebreakers like, 'My name might not be Wilma Flintstone but I can make your bed rock.' That one has had some interest.    
D: In the chairlifts I usually just introduce myself and say hello. In the pub, I don’t have a line, I usually find something to ask to find anything to talk about. 

Have a weird or funny first date story you can share with Rooster readers?
Most of the people I date are pretty normal. I usually don’t go out with strangers. I’ve never online dated so everyone I’ve dated I’ve known somehow prior to a date. 
D: Not too many dating horror stories, but I’ve been rejected pretty hard.     

Have you ever been on a blind date before?
In high school.   
D: Never. 

Did your friends give you any advice before your date tonight?
My sister and sister-in-law helped me with my hair, outfit and makeup. I had to try on 7 or 8 outfits before they decided what I was wearing wasn’t too slutty or conservative. I had a team!   
D: The girl cutting my hair earlier today told me to ask my date her favorite color and what she’d do with one billion dollars. I didn’t want to answer those questions so I didn’t ask my date them.   

Both of our daters are fun and funny, things seem to be going great! After more laughs and fresh air, let’s see if the romance heats up.

How’s the date going? 
There’s definitely a friendship there. It really could be way worse. 
D: Very good, she’s funny, we have a similar sense of humor. 

How does The Woods stack up as a date spot? 
It has beautiful views. The sunset was beautiful.  
D: It’s nice to be on a rooftop – looking at the mountains is great. It’s a very nice place. 

What are you two talking about? 
I forgot his name and I had to ask him for it so he was withholding it for quite some time. He thinks it’s hilarious. We’re cracking each other up.      
D: It’s impolite to kiss and tell! We’re laughing a lot, she has a lot of R-rated jokes.

How was dinner? 
A: Delicious! The salmon was great. 
D: The sweet soy cauliflower was delicious, and so was the charcuterie & cheeseboard. We were trying to be polite at first but then dove right into them. 

How is the early romantic chemistry?
The comedy chemistry is great. I’m not sure if the romantic chemistry is there yet, but I’d definitely hang out with him again. 
D: Good! She keeps trying to say she’s so much older than me but I didn’t notice. It’s not a problem whatsoever at all.  

Great food, jokes and mountain views! What more can you ask for on a first date?! Let’s hope our daters are feeling each other as much as they enjoyed The Woods! Let’s find out if this date ended as well as it started.

What happened after Rooster left?
We had a drink, told some jokes then went home.  
D: We talked the entire time getting to know each other. 

Any juicy details we missed? A romantic goodbye kiss, maybe?
No kiss. We exchanged phone numbers, handshakes and hugs, then parted ways.
D: Sucks there wasn’t a kiss, that’s what I was looking for, sucks it didn’t happen. I was confident we were going home together, she was very flirtatious, I was a little disappointed.   

Did the romantic chemistry improve, will a second date happen?
No plans to see each other again. I would definitely go out with him again when I return from my trip to San Fran. 
D: I’d say a 4. I’m hoping for a second date.

What’s next? Any fun summer plans?
I’m about to board a flight to San Diego for a girls trip. Should be fun relaxing on the beach.
D: I’m looking forward to going to Nashville for my birthday. My job is to travel to the mountains, sell beer and go to beer festivals. That should be fun. And more fly fishing for the rest of the summer. 

Overall, how was it?
The restaurant was amazing, food and drinks were great, the company was good, and the wait staff was awesome. Doug was an awesome guy, great sense of humor, very polite and great stories. He was a great guy to be on a blind date with.
D: I had a really great time, especially for something I’ve never done before. It was a cool new experience. The restaurant was great. I’m not in the city that often so being at a rooftop venue with a beautiful woman was great. 

Any advice for future Rooster Blind Daters?
Go in with an open mind and a smile.  
D: Go into it with an open mind, don’t go in awkward, keep focused on your date, relax and have fun.

Winner, winner, rooftop dinner! Rooster scores this date five-stars and improves our matchmaking rating to a very respectable 4.20! It sounds like Doug passed Amanda’s dirtbag test and our funny new friends plan to hang out again soon. Rooster is confident there will be lots of laughs in the futures of our wonderful couple. Until next time Rooster readers, stay sexy and don’t forget to laugh at yourself and with others.