Hometown: Huntington Woods, MI
Current job: Personal banker
Zodiac sign: Libra
Favorite color: Green
What’s your type? Relaxed, friendly, smart.
Deal breakers: I guess if they hate dogs. 
My friends would describe me as: A drinker. NO! Laid back, chill, friendly guy.
Guilty pleasure : Marijuana and WWE wrestling. 
First concert: Bob Dylan
Most recent concert: The Roots


Hometown: Junction City, KS.
Current job: Master stylist and award-winning barber.
Zodiac sign: Cancer
Favorite color: Purple
Deal breakers: Unfaithfulness, dishonesty, noncommunicative, emotionally unavailable.
What’s your type? I don’t really have a type, but definitely taller than me, clean shoes, a good personality and he has a job but not a career. Oh, and a traveler. I also typically like black men (Taye Diggs). 

Boulder Beer Company

2880 Wilderness Pl, Boulder, CO 80301

So here we sit with two singles looking for love and a few third-wheels who’ve had too much to drink already asking them questions. Phil and Angela don’t seem to mind, and while the initial hellos come out a bit awkward, the stage is set at Boulder Beer and is ready for ignition.

Describe your dating life in three words: 
One first date. 
PHIL: Can I do it in two? Non-existent.

Where do you usually meet potential partners?
Hinge or out in public. Hinge is a dating app with people that mostly just want to fuck you. They just wanna get that booty. 
P: Bar. I’ve done Tinder but I haven’t had a Tinder date in a while. 

What’s your pickup strategy?
Scare ‘em away.
P: Be myself. That’s why it’s not working so far. 

Are there any weird dating stories from the past that you’d like to share?
I went on this date. He tells me to meet me at this address and it happens to be La Boheme. I meet him and I’m like oh okay this mother fucker decides to take me to a strip joint. I see these dudes with stacks of money that aren’t paying the dancers, so I go over and I do a little shaky shaky. They start giving me the dollars instead of the strippers and I got kicked out.
P: I have a hundred stories. I fell asleep on my first date ever after a pasta dinner and a late movie (The Net with Sandra Bullock).

Have you ever been on a blind date before?
No. Hard no!!!
P: No. Not that I’m recalling. 

Did your friends give you any advice before the date? 
Yes! I was at work while I got the email, and everyone at work said, “You HAVE to go.” I called my best friend, who’s flaming gay, in Chicago, and he Facetimed me and was told I can’t wear that and made me stop at Nordstrom Rack and buy a new shirt. And here it is!
P: Not to wear the other coat. It’s a sweet leather coat with the tassels. One of those coats that you always want as a kid … I wear it a lot more than you’d think.

Luckily Phil and Angela have gotten through the bullshit already in their lives and seem to be on the same page with where they’re at. Both are keeping this as a fun and friendly night, but we (and the waitstaff) couldn’t help but notice the two increasingly laughing and darting those bedroom eyes at one another from across the table.

How’s it going overall? 
I think overall, we’re a great match for personalities for sure! If not, we’ll be the best of friends. He’ll definitely be a part of my life forever. I hope so. Let’s see what he says. So far, he’s nailing it. If he has a big dick, I’d do him. 
P: I think awesome. I’m having fun, joking around, we get along very well. We might smoke a bowl after this. I’m having a great time. 

Is Boulder Beer a good spot for a date? 
Hell yeah! What I love about it is that it’s relaxed, it makes you feel comfortable, it’s not intimidating, there are separate places to chill and mingle. I love the outdoor patio even though its snowing outside.
P: Yeah, it’s my first time here. If I had to go on another blind date, I would come back. Hopefully I don’t ever have to go on another blind date. 

What are you two talking about? 
We were talking about life (waves over at him). I actually like him! He’s making me smile and I don’t smile that much.
P: All sorts of stuff. Where we’re from; we’re both from the Midwest.

… Did you eat any of her tater tots? 
P: I had one of her tots while she was gone. I kept them from taking ‘em away! To sacrifice one, I kept the rest. 

[Both make faces and laugh at each other from across the restaurant.]

A: I think I’m blushing! Am I blushing?

It may have been the great romance novelist Charlotte Brontë who once said that sharing tater tots is the fastest way to forever. Or maybe it was a commercial we just made up in our heads … either way, the two daters are hitting it off mucho and this date may go down in history with some of the best. 

What happened after Rooster left?
He drove me home, and since it was snowing so bad, I let him stay. But I made him sleep on the couch.
P: We got home safely, crashed on her couch because the weather was so bad. We smoked, and I made sure she got home safely.

Did Rooster find a match?
Yeah! I mean I really like him. I don’t know if he’s more friends or if it’s something to build on. Definitely a friendship match. We’ve been texting all day so…
P: Yeah, I hope so. I’d like to hang out with her again.

Was there a goodbye kiss?
No kiss. I mean there was a peck on the cheek, but there was no kiss. Remember, I had him sleep on the couch. He did give me a good foot rub though.
P: I’m not one to kiss and tell.

How about a second date?
Yeah, I’d go on a second date with him. He made me laugh the whole night, and I think that’s really important. 
P: I’m game.

Overall, how was it?
I would give it a solid 9 out of 10.  If there was a little more initial chemistry it would have been a 10. But I do have a lot of walls up so that’s on me. I always think a good relationship starts as a friendship anyway. 
P: I had a blast. It was a good time. The whole night was the highlight of my day.

What’s next?
This made me a little more open minded, so I’m a little more receptive to people and being not so closed off. 
P: Hopefully meet up with Angela again. 

Any advice for future Rooster Blind Daters?
I think they should go in with an open mind, no expectations, an open heart and see what happens. We owe it to ourselves, right? 
P: Just be yourself and have fun.

So they don’t like to kiss-and-tell, we’ll allow it. Yet whatever happens to these two in the future, we’ll go ahead and say their lives have been changed for the better — Angela’s mind is more open to possibilities and Phil went home and Google’d what the fuck a Princess cut is. Both had a great time and we did too, thanks to Boulder Beer Co. and a little thing called love (booze). We rate this a win all the way up.