Each month, we set two daters up on a blind date at a delicious restaurant, give them free food and drinks, then wait for the magic to happen. Sometimes it's good and sometimes it's a complete trainwreck. Let's see what happens this month as we set Josef and Kacy for a special night out at Oskar Blues.  

Meet the Daters:


Hometown: Aurora, Colo.

Current job: Student and caterer. 

Favorite color: Blue. 

Zodiac sign: Gemini, which is probably why I’m crazy, but whatever it’s besides the point. 

Last relationship: My last ex was a mean girl and wasn’t

really chill. We broke up because I was just like okay, this is not working. I don’t want him to feel like he’s a bad person, but sometimes he’s a mean girl. I’m too pretty for mean girls. 

Celebrity crush: Chris Pratt.

Pets: St. Bernard named Stanley and a black cat named Nemo. They live in Florida currently. I miss them deeply.

What’s your type?  Older men. And beards. Older men with beards. 

First concert: Janet Jackson.

Guilty pleasures: Gay sex. Video games. Philosophical debates. Just being deep and having a fun time and enjoying life.


Hometown: Key West, Fla.

Current job: Bartender / DJ. 

Favorite color: Green. 

Zodiac sign: Cancer. 

Last relationship: He fucked up. 

Deal breakers: Smoking cigarettes. 

Celebrity crush: Martin Garrix.

Pets: I have an iguana named Ziggy.

What’s your type?  I like sincere, nice, fun, good hearted people. I usually like younger, but I go

older sometimes. 

First concert: The Grateful Dead.

Guilty pleasures: The Weather Channel and The Grateful Dead.

Spirit animal: Wolf.

Location: Oskar Blues

Last month, a Rooster reader by the name of Josef wrote in about the serious lack of LGBT daters in our Blind Date feature. He was right, it’s been years since we’ve tried to hook-up our fellow gays. So … we found him a man in Kacy -— older, with a beard, just like Josef likes ‘em. And what better spot than Boulder’s Oskar Blues? The two show up, greet one another and … oh snap …

Describe your dating life in three words.

JOSEF: Polyamorous, loving, genuine. 

KACY: Sporadic, exotic, dope. 


Where do you usually meet potential partners? 

J: Gay bars, Facebook, Grindr or Scruff. Millennial shit.

K: At work and in life. In places, doing things. I just meet people where I meet people. I meet a lot of people at work. 


What’s your pickup strategy?

J: ‘You’re hot as fuck. Can I just say you’re very handsome? Also, do you just want to talk?’ Just literally being like I’m going to nonchalantly tell you you’re very hot and ask if you want to get a beer together. Straight-forward.

K: To be friendly, I think? I don’t think there’s much more to it than that. I’ve never been friend-zoned. I’ve friend-zoned. Not everyone’s as friendly as I am. 


Have you been on a blind date before?

J: No. Never. I guess you could consider Grindr and Scruff a blind date. You never know what you’re going to get! Life is like a box of chocolates.  

K: No.

What were you thinking before your Rooster Blind Date?

J: Nervousness and how I was going to communicate that I am polyamorous and that I am dating other people. The guy who dropped me off, John, is someone I’m dating. He was supportive about this being the first gay date with Rooster.

K: I was thinking I hope he’s cute. I hope he’s nice. I hope the food’s good. He is, he is, and it is.


Did these friends give you blind date advice?

J: Just have fun with it. Take a shot or smoke some weed or have an edible. Just relax and enjoy the experience. No matter what happens just relax and have a fun time with it.  

K: Just to have fun. They were all pretty stoked about me doing it. I hung out with my iguana Ziggy before I came here. Ziggy’s advice is purely spiritual


What are you looking for out of this date? 

J: I was just hoping for friendship, but I also would like to possibly have some sort of romance happening. I’m not stopping that from happening. 

K: Good times. Good food. Good beer.  

Awkward? Not so much! Since Josef and Kacy have met before (small world, don’t cha know?) the conversation seems to flow easier. It isn’t so much, “What’s your favorite soap color” and more “What have you been doing since we last snuggled?”

First impressions of your date?

J: Well, I’ve already met him before, and he was pretty chill when we hung out. It calmed my nerves down pretty quickly when I realized we’ve met before.

K: Good times (looks over his shoulder at Josef), good times. Good beer.  


What are you two talking about?

J: My boyfriend John and the Daddy’s we’ve been dating. We’ve been talking about our love lives and kind of realized he thought my boyfriend John was handsome.    

K: For some time we were talking about his Daddy (looks over the shoulder again at Josef). I told him about my iguana.  Ziggy is cool, bro. Anyone is lucky if they get to hear about my iguana.  


You mentioned that you two have met before. Where did you originally meet? 

J: It’s been a hot minute, a couple of months. I met him on Grindr. We vibed, connected and hung out. We hung out at his place, really fun time actually. Really fun time.

K: I think my work, but I can’t remember. I work at Ado’s on the Hill and DJ Fuck it Fridays. He was really nice, but a little more on the feminine side than I like. It was friendly and comfortable.


Are you looking forward to spending more time with him?

J: Yeah. Yeah. I’d like to. I really want to hang out with that guy. I choose him. I choose Kacy to be in my chill life. 

K: No. I want to find a nicer answer, but I want to be truthful at the same time. There’s a good chance no.


How’s Oskar Blues for a first date spot? 

J: We had a rating with food, service and alcohol. We gave the service a 10/10 perfect. The food we gave an of 8/10. The alcohol was a 9/10.

K: Dope. The service was amazing. The beers are great. And the food was good.

All above average scores on the service, food and booze! We’ll call that a win. But as the Blind Date commandments state, we have to leave the two daters to kick it the rest of the night to see if sparks fly. After a few days we reconnect with Josef and Kacy to see, how it all went down. 

How was dinner?

J: The Pizza Margarita was great! We enjoyed that the most. I also enjoyed the hamburger.

K: I enjoyed dinner it was great.


How is the romantic chemistry?

J: We want to be friends. It was casual, and we didn’t make it weird and just had a good time. However, I would like him to possibly be in my romantic life if he ever wants to.

K: No romantic chemistry but he’s a cool guy. We might burn one down sometime, but not romantically.


Will you be going on a second date?

J: We have made plans on seeing Kacy’s DJ performance on the Hill. I want to see more of the work that he does up here in Boulder.

K: No, there won’t be a second date. He is in a relationship and we do not have romantic chemistry.


What happened after Rooster left?

J: Kacy and I got real with each other, and I went to Charlies with the current person I’m dating. I have enjoyed a romantic time with him, and he deepened my commitment of being a stand for love.

K: We both went our separate ways after the Rooster. He was going with his Daddy to Charlie’s LOL. They invited me. I declined. I went home.


Overall, how was the night?

J: Fun and quirky. It was an experience not many have, especially gay men. I’m glad I was a part of all of it. 

K: Overall, even though it didn’t turn into a second date or romantic chemistry, I feel the night was great because it was fun and we both enjoyed food beer and some laughs.


Advice for future Blind Daters?

J: Just enjoy the experience. Don’t place your baggage on the situation and just have fun with it! Also, don’t lie and be straightforward and honest with your life with the person. It’s going to save you a lot of drama when the magazine article is posted.

K: My advice for future daters would be to eat, drink and be merry. This was a real good time.


What more could you want on a date than pizza and beer? The lovely people at Oskar Blues provided an amazing atmosphere for the daters but Rooster’s sophisticated algorithm just missed the mark with these two; although Josef did say he chooses Kacy to be in his chill life ­— we’ll see how that goes. In the meantime, we’ll be back at it next month, trying to make the world a better place one date at a time.