Budweiser Brazil has brought together the joys of drinking and whoring out of your Facebook account. Through the Budweiser Buddy Cup, as demonstrated in the video, when two nubile partiers tap their cup, which contains a chip that's linked to their Facebook account, they become instant Facebook friends. 

Did Budweiser take into account that not everyone we cheers during out drunken stuper is not necessarily someone we'd like to see again? Most of the time clinking beers was a sign that things were about to get weird and only to be celebrated on that particular night. We weren't planning on seeing them the next day. What happens during a night of dabaucherous drinking, stays in the night of debaucherous drinking. 

Then again, if you like the attractive person sitting at the bar and need to get instant access to their Facebook account for a level-five round of stalking, then cheers away. 

We can only imagine when Trojan condoms comes out with something similar to this.