Rooster teamed up with Buffalo Exchange, Arise Music Festival, five gorgeous models, two makeup artists, one awesome photographer, and some creepy dude (our publisher) who just kind of stared at the models all day long, to bring you a lookbook of festival fashion at its finest. 

Lynzi Judish

Lauryn Elizabeth 

Buffalo Exchange 

Lead Make up & Hair
Kadie Murphy 

Make up & Hair
Natalie Lane

Arise Music Festival 

Day One

Nasaya Ceasar
Purple dress $13.6

Tyler Vines
Studded peach shoes $28.5

Tiger Kaufman
YRU Shoes $52
Legalize Acid Shirt $29.5

Lorin Bruce
Clear backpack $36.5

Pink Hat $5.5
Woodstock Shirt $6
Pink Shorts $19

Lauryn Elizabeth
Fanny Pack $13
Tie-dye Sturgis shirt $8
Tights $16.5

Day Two 

Nasaya Ceasar
Crop top $9
Nude Skirt $16.50

Tyler Vines
Studded denim vest $9.00
Coral maxi skirt $16.5

Tiger Kaufman
Floral crop top $8
Pink maxi skirt $21.5

Lorin Bruce
Green hooded dress $14.5

Lauryn Elizabeth
Black cutout dress $24.5
Lace vest $12
Denim purse $8