True American hero Cam'ron has just come out with a line of high-fashion anti-Ebola face masks so you can fight infectious disease and sartorial faux pauses at the same damn time.

Ever feel like you're the elephant in the room when you step into the party wearing a full-on surgical facemask during an infectious disease outbreak? Ever find it difficult to please your significant other using soft, gentle kisses while wearing protective gear normally reserved for CDC officials on the front lines of a deadly flu epidemic? Yeah. Us too.

That's why we were beside ourselves when we heard Cam'ron just came out with a line of high-fashion Ebola masks, so you can fight disease and sartorial faux pauses at the same damn time.

The rapper took to Instagram to break the news, posing for a picture of himself clad in his new infectious disease stopper like a Cam'ron Inception.

"Ebola is no joking matter, so if you have to be safe, be fashionable," he announced to the Instagram universe.

Step into a party wearing the Cam'ron Ebola mask, and you're not here to herald in a dark age of pestilence; you're here to par-tay! Lean in for a romantic smooch with the Cam'ron mask on your mug, and your partner will think they're kissing the famous rapper himself! You cannot lose.

… Except for that Ebola is not transmitted through air, making the Cam'ron Ebola mask more useless than a vibrator in a convent. However,  scientists worry that it could mutate to an airborne form if it so pleased, which is a clear testament to the timelessness of Cam'ron's designs.

Here's a close up of that bad boy:

"Hey, ma."

Well, while you definitely cannot defend against Ebola wearing this masterpiece of modern fashion, you can stay indoors forever and watch Cam'ron's new video for "Dipshits" featuring A-Trak.