Allow your clicks to matter, Colorado!

Dear Colorado citizens with skin, you’re currently being summoned by the city-ruling overlords to express a valuable opinion on matters of the breast. Vote; allow your clicks to matter. The stifling of women’s equality and their ability to frolic topless alongside men needn’t be perpetuated any longer. It’s time to free the nipple!

According to an online survey posted by the City of Fort Collins: “a group of citizens has requested the City to consider updating the existing public nudity ordinance, which does not allow for women to be topless in public.” The survey, meant for residents of Fort Collins, will be used to weigh options on how to move forward with the current legislation against women and them baring their natural, non-threatening chests to the world at large.

The survey simply asks whether or not residents want people to be able to make the personal decision of what they wear in public, or if we continue to be shitty and police people’s actions like assholes … not in those words specifically, though …

Right now in Colorado, topless laws vary from city to city, and the state itself has fairly non-specific terms included in its law that could easily make most public showings of female skin illegal. It does have a separate state law for nursing mothers, which permits them to breastfeed in any private or public place without consequence. But, as with most laws, the legalese resides in grey areas. Nursing could technically be illegal if a cop wanted it to be, but it’s unlikely any respectable officer of the law would ticket a nursing mother. But we know how those things tend to work out in certain situations … (hint: cops can generally do whatever the fuck they want). Currently, women are allowed to go topless in both Boulder and Denver if it’s in a non-aggressive fashion and nothing overtly sexual. So there's that …

But, then again, there's this woman who just wanted to garden topless in her own yard and people in Boulder flipped their fucking lids — even though she wasn't breaking any rules. So, again. Fuckin' people, amiright?

Fort Collins appears to just be looking for a more specific way to say either, “yes, you should be allowed to be natural and on par with men,” or “no, we’re going to set ourselves back fifteen-hundred years for no reason other than we’re afraid of a little nip every now and again and can’t just look away when we feel uncomfortable.”

So, the survey is a step in a forward direction, however it doesn’t mean much aside from the rule makers using it to gauge where the citizens are in response to the nip-effect. It’s nice, though, that they’re actually looking for the public’s opinion to make decisions on something that, you know, affects the public.

Feel lucky Ft. Fun, some cities definitely do not do that: We’re looking at you, Boulder …

Voting for the survey continues until Oct 12 and the city will vote on the issue on Oct 20 — using survey results to make its decision.

The following picture, grabbed from, has color-coded the nation and how it relates to topless laws. The site claims that while the “majority of states are top-free, some cities in those states have passed (unconstitutional) ordinances that annul the state's top free statute.” Colorado, it seems, gets the green pass, but is still not fully in compliance with common sense.

Is anyone ever, though?