For a wet and pulsating 67 percent of people, weed makes sex better.

It makes them hornier and more orgasmic. It brings them into the moment. It makes a euphoric thing more euphoric and a good thing good-er.

This isn't exactly new intel here — people have been using pot as a sexual enhancer for centuries and across many cultures to increase feelings of pleasure and desire. However, despite its historical longevity as a sexual solution, no one's really perfected weed's magic sex potion-ness. People have grown, sold and used general-ass weed to improve boning, but …  it's never been cultivated specifically to melt bedsheets.

That is, until now. 

Health and wellness-focused weed company hmbldt has just launched two new limited-edition products formulated for better sex: hmbldt passion™ and hmbldt arouse™.

Meant to open the conversation about marijuana' potential as a bedroom-enhancing solution, these kegel-worthy cannabis concoctions combine the best of weed's pleasure-enhancing compounds into a targeted formula delivered in a specialized dose pen.

Intrigued by this innovation, we called up hmbldt's Chief Science Officer Samantha Miller to tell us more about how this sex weed works.

Wait, so you made weed pens for sex? What the hell are these things and how did you make them?

The hmbldt dose pens are a real innovation in the cannabis space. We’ve created six formulas — Bliss, Sleep, Relief, Calm and our newest two, arouse™ and passion™, which both help enhance the sexual experience. Each is directed at particular needs or issues in someone’s life in the area of their well-being.

With our formulations, we’ve taken a bit of a different approach than you’ll see in most products. We’ve specified both the THC and CBD level as well as a very precise terpene blend for each formula that’s consistent both across people’s experiences and from batch-to-batch in our products. We always have the same amount of active ingredients in every pen, whether you buy it today or six months from now.

That precision formulation is something that takes a bit of extra effort. In addition to creating formulas that have those specific benefits, our targeted formulas have the added benefit of addressing the specific health concerns of our patients. To make them, we look at the current literature, as well as our conduct research — so far on almost 700 patients — to study the interactions of specific marijuana molecules on groups of people and their medical needs. We have an 80 percent consumer acceptance rate, meaning our customers report to us that they saw a demonstrable shift in the specific area that we’re trying to address.

In the case of arouse™ — a THC-dominant formula — we saw an 86 percent acceptance rate by consumers who say they felt demonstrable shift in their ability to get aroused and to enhance their sexual experience.

What do they actually do?

hmbldt passion™ helps patients be and stay in the moment of passion. It’s about engagement with a partner, caring about their experience as much as your own. Engagement. Not energy. Passion not stimulation. Intensity.

hmbldt arouse™ is more about getting one in the mood, to relax, have one thinking/considering/anticipating sex, which increases the likelihood of it happening. It’s about sparking that intimate experience. Raising excitement and desire.

Why the need for arousal and libido weed?

Because of the dissatisfaction with current pharmaceutical options around sex. We have things like Viagra and Cialis, but they don’t work for everyone. There’s also no pharmaceutical product for female arousal on the market.

How are these products different from regular old marijuana, which on its own has been known to improve libido and sex?

With each of our formulas, we precisely isolate different variables and test them over and over again to get a profile of how they each work — it's all about targeted formulas providing precise benefits. The way we do that is through our proprietary blend of cannabis oils and terpenes that ensure we’re giving our patients a reliable, repeatable experience every time.

How do these terpenes and other cannabinoids improve the sexual experience?

When we look at the sexual experience, most of the data we have is around the activity of cannabinoids working on the body’s endocannabinoid system. Within that system, different terpene profiles have been found to enhance arousal.

Typically, the way they do this is by addressing anxiety. Many sexual issues stem from anxiety (regardless of the cause), so a big thing for us is how we can improve people's mental states using the data and terpene profiles we've developed. 

For the arouse™ formula, which helps to increase libido, we really we felt the need to address people’s everyday stresses. So, we started looking into terpene profiles that not only enhance the sexual experience, but are also relaxing, calming without being sedating, and help take your mind off things so you can get in the mood.

The passion™ formula is really about the enhancement of the overall experience, both physically and psychologically in that in helps with the development of intimacy and engagement with your partner in order to have a more satisfying — and hopefully longer — sexual encounter. It’s really for couples who want to get closer and enhance the euphoria around the physical sensation of sex.

Why the dose pen?

When we look at the historical usage of cannabis for sexual enhancement and the modern research on patient data that’s been gathered, we see some pretty clear trends. One is that the ability of cannabis to enhance the sexual experience is very dose-dependent. At low doses, you see an increase in arousal, satisfaction, and orgasmic probability. But at high doses, it can actually be inhibitory because the endocannabinoid system activates a different neural pathway than it does at low doses, and when it does, we just don’t see the same benefits for sexual wellness.

The dose pen is designed to deliver the specific dose known to enhance sex. It delivers 2.25 mg of formula over a three second draw. On the mouthpiece, you’ll feel a little vibration once you’ve reached that dose so you know it's been delivered. We recommend that patients limit to 1-3 doses for their first time in trying it out if they’re looking for sexual enhancement.

Who would you recommend the arousal and libido products for?

According to the research, women deal with low arousal much more than men do, so I’d definitely recommend these products to women in general. Both formulas are great for both sexes though, just because of their action on relaxing and improving people’s mental states.

The arouse™ formula has a really strong effect for anyone struggling with libido. It’s light, fruity terpene blend gives you a sort of effervescent, uplifted, chatty and sociable feeling. The passion™ formula works about the same for both genders because it enhances overall physical sensation and interpersonal connectedness. That one’s more intense in terms of the THC blend. It really gets you in the moment.

These are all psychological effects, but do the hmbldt products have any physical effect on people’s junk? Any vasodilation or increased blood flow down there?

There can be! Many of the minor cannabinoids we include in our formulas have cardiovascular effects. CBN is one that increases blood flow without changing blood pressure, and there’s definitely CBN in our products. However, it’s not Viagra. It’s not going to induce an erection in someone who has erectile dysfunction.

Marijuana seems to act as both a libido enhancer and a depressant depending on the person and the strain … how would you advise people to figure out how these products will work with their own bodies?

Everyone’s biochemistry is a little different, but what we see with cannabinoids in general is that about 75 percent of people will respond in one way, and about 25 percent of people will respond in exactly the opposite. That’s right in line with what we see in terms of acceptance of our formulas — we typically see a 75-85 percent acceptance rate, so it’s right in line with the general population. So, for 15-25 percent of people, they may not see the exact results we’ve developed the formula to have. But the best advice I can give in terms of exploring these products for the first time is to start with one dose and give it 15-20 minutes to take effect before you take another one. Start slow.

What kind of response have you gotten to these products so far?

They're really changing the conversation about what cannabis can do. What’s exciting about these dose formulas is that they invite a more serious and cerebral conversation than has been possible been in the past. Now, instead of being seen as just something to get high with, cannabis is being seen as tool that can help people solve the issues they have in their everyday life and improve their overall wellness and well-being. I hope that these products change the permissions around cannabis, and increase the acceptance of it as something that can bring so much benefit to so many people.