It was the first week of school and I was having a party at my house. This girl and I had been friends but on this night, we knew that something more was going to happen. We snuck off into my room and began fooling around. As I went to get the condom I realized that I hadn’t picked any up in a while so I ran to the bathroom where I remembered seeing my roommate had condoms. I grabbed a condom and went back to the room. After I put it on, we started going at it. It didn’t take long for me to realize something was terribly wrong. Instantly, I couldn’t feel my penis anymore. This was not normal. I started to freak out but didn’t want her to think I was bad in bed so I kept pushing through. A little bit longer and I couldn’t take the loss of feeling anymore. I faked and orgasm and ran to the bathroom, thinking I had a serious STD. I took off the condom and began to break out hoping my penis would come back to life. I grabbed the condom to see if maybe it had expired. Right then, all my fears went away: the condom was an extended pleasure condom with a numbing agent. You could imagine my relief knowing that I didn’t have some horribly STD.

– Cliff