About a year ago, I had a pair of Mimosa tickets that led to a very fun and public experience. I was in the mood for something spontaneous so I called this cute girl I had just met the week before. She was new in town and although she'd never heard of Mimosa, she said it sounded like fun. At her place, we chugged an absurd amount of whiskey to break the ice. It worked. As we headed to the show she asked if I'd like some mushrooms. I'd never done them, but said sure. We each ate a handful and went to the show. Wasted and only having eyes for her, I grabbed her and we started kissing immediately once inside. This progressed into intimate groping, and both wanting something more private, we relocated to the balcony. Feeling uninhibited in our new location, I began to tease her up against the railing, until she couldn't take it and told me to fuck her right then and there. That was music to my ears and I pulled out a condom and undid my zipper. Dick in hand, as I tried to get the condom on, I loked up to see we had quite a few spectators. Feeling certain security was on its way, my erection deflated faster than a balloon. This forced bother to come to our senses and we quickly ducked out before we could be thrown out. On the long walk back to her place, the sexual combustion that had consumed us just moments before had fizzled out into awkward conversation. I think she was a little freaked out at how fast everything happened. We went back to her place, had a great conversation, and ended up talking all night. We never did have sex, but it's still a night I won't forget.