If you watched the second presidential debate closely, you probably noticed the totally cryptic and obscure reference Joe Biden dropped, alluding to a largely unknown and decades-old simulation of a bio-terrorist attack in Oklahoma City.

“We’re headed for a Dark Winter,” Biden said, during the debate. Then repeated a second time, “A dark winter.”

Incredible. The deep-state ruling elite aren’t even trying to hide their globalist agenda anymore — now, in these strange and confusing times, they’re coming right out and subtly, cryptically explaining their plans for world domination on live television in the middle of the presidential debate. The audacity is astounding.

For the uninformed, undereducated, and out-of-the-loop “Dark Winter” refers to the deep-state, top-secret, bio-terrorist attack simulation run by John Hopkins Center for Civilian Biodefense Strategies and the Center for Strategic and International Studies between June 21-22 of 2001. Google the term and it’s literally the first thing that pops up.

This “Dark Winter” simulation explored the threat of a domestic bio-terrorist smallpox attack and how it would affect the US — in order to assess inadequacies of a national emergency response against the American people.

The scenario presented by this simulation, is one that feels all-too real these days: Oklahoma City, the cultural epicenter of this great nation, is attacked by smallpox wielding bio-terrorists. The infection quickly spirals out of control. Unable to keep pace with the spread of the disease, civilian casualties overwhelm emergency response capabilities: hospitals overflow, nurses and doctors are spread thin; panic seizes The People and mob violence erupts as society itself unravels at its seams.

Operation Dark Winter concluded: The US does not have the medical capacity to handle such an outbreak; media would present massive challenges to information distribution; health systems, pharmaceutical and vaccine industries don’t have the capacity to handle mass surges in viral outbreaks; generally speaking, the US is not well-suited to handle such a crisis; and "containing the spread of disease will present significant ethical, political, cultural, operational, and legal challenges."

Sound familiar?

Well, naturally Biden’s mysterious allusion to “Dark Winter” in the middle of the debate, drew the ire of the internet. You don’t get to drop slick hints for your globalist associates, like that, without catching flak from the Red Pill crowd. Nice try, pal. But we see you.

Whoever said Biden was suffering from dementia, was seeding fallacy. Anyone crafty enough to weave coded language into the middle of a debate response, in a cryptic nod to his illuminati globalist pals while also giving the sheeple of the nation a cheeky hint like this, is very clearly as sharp as a cracker. Do not underestimate the intellectual acuteness of this man. His stutters, mumbles, fumbles and mis-statements are a deliberate act to present the illusion of mental decay.

What does this all mean? Why would Biden bring up this nearly two-decades-old bio-terrorist attack simulation now? Was he hinting at an even more intense government lock-down to come, if he’s elected? Was he warning the ruling elite, that the US is planning on releasing another bio-weapon (on top of COVID-19)? Was he suggesting that this was actually a bioterrorist attack all along, and only now are we entering its darkest phase?!

Or, did the presidential candidate simply use the term “dark winter” to refer to the many challenges still to come in America during these strange pandemic times?

Only Biden and his powerful elite friends know for sure. However, it seems clear that there’s a highly-orchestrated, systemic, political, deep-state power-grab psy-op coup at hand here. It's as plain as day. At least, for those of us who can see clearly through the fog of disinformation and “fake news” our overlords are trying to spoon-feed us.

Vigilance is the only thing that will hold these reptiles accountable. Stay woke, folks. And get ready… for a Dark Winter. No matter who gets elected.