What to consider before legalizing weed in your vagina.

When it comes to weed, I usually approve this message. Because it’s generally believed to improve libido, increase blood flow and decrease inhibition, people really like to fuck on it. It’s no surprise to me that Rooster’s 2016 Sex Survey revealed weed is the #1 drug our readers like to nearly miss getting pregnant on.

So, when I heard that Foria, the company responsible for orgasm-enhancing weed lube, was making weed tampons, I spat coffee all over my keyboard in excitement (it’s an HP, so it deserved it). If weed is so good at improving sex, I wondered, could it also be good at improving periods? I did some research, and the answer is resoundingly yes … but with some important caveats.

Branded by Foria as “Relief,” each tampon delivers 60 mg of THC and 10 mg of CBD in cocoa butter straight to the uterus to murder period cramp pain. But despite the high THC:CBD ratio, the tampons won’t make you high. At most, you’ll experience pain relief and some mild relaxation.

So far, this mixture has prompted an internet’s worth of teary-eyed, glowing reviews from menstruating journalists.

“Not only did my cramps ease up, but I felt good. Really good. There was no heady high, but I felt serene. It was like if Ativan made a baby with Tylenol, except I hadn’t thrust any nasty pharmaceuticals into my vag; just cannabis and cocoa butter,” said Racked writer Sophie Saint-Thomas in a review.

I can sympathize. Period cramps do suck a fuck, but I’m not entirely convinced by reviews like that, and I’m not sure you should be either.

For one, 60 mg of THC is a lot of THC. The standard recommended dose is 10 mg for pain management, so I’m unsure why that much of it has to enter your pussy to help cramps. And while we know that certain medicines like hormonal birth control can be efficiently absorbed into the bloodstream from the vagina, but currently, no one knows what effect cannabinoids have on that process.

“It’s completely untested,” said Dr. Jennifer Gunter, a San Francisco-based an obstetrician to Motherboard. “There’s nothing in scientific literature to support this dose or the safety of it.”

None if this is to say that weed tampons aren’t safe or amazing … it’s just some information to consider before you go legalizing weed in your vagina. If anything, it shows how little we know about how weed and vaginas mix. My advice? Use at your own risk. If you respond well to weed or are looking for a natural way to deal with your life-fucking cramps, it can’t hurt. But if you’re one of those Maureen Dowds whose body shuts down when weed touches it, stick to Midol. Midol and whiskey-vodkas.