Want sexual enlightenment, but only have time for a quickie? Every week, we recap the most interesting sex news stories from around the world.

1. He’s pro-incest, pedophilia, and rape. He’s also running for Congress from his parents’ house. Nathan Larson believes in instituting a patriarchal system, with women under the authority of men; he supports abolishing age restrictions for marriage and laws against marital rape; he believes that white supremacy is a “system that works” — that Hitler was a “good thing for Germany” — and that incest should be legalized, at least in the context of marriage. Larson is a grade A "incel," and is currently campaigning for a congressional seat in Virginia as an independent libertarian. God bless America.

2. Teenage boy gets a USB cable stuck inside his penis, and needs surgery to remove it. The 10-centimeter long cable was tangled up inside the boy’s urethra. He claims to have shoved it up there “out of curiosity.”

3. Charges against Stormy Daniels were quickly dropped after her arrest at a strip club in Columbus, Ohio. When police showed up, she grabbed one officer’s butt and slapped the officer’s face with her tits. Stormy was arrested on three misdemeanor charges of illegal sexual activity for dancing topless, forcing patrons’ faces into her boobies and fondling the breasts of women in the audience.

4. New study finds that women tend to be more attracted to men who view females as pure and nurturing but also weak and needing extra care — an attitude that has been named “benevolent sexism.” The researchers found that women perceived a male romantic partner who held benevolent sexist attitudes as more willing to protect, provide, and commit for them, which in turn made him more attractive.

5. Small-town hero of Lawrence, Kansas, argues for massage therapists’ right to offer genital massages."If a grown adult wants a handjob and another grown adult is willing to give one for money, then let them. That's both freedom and capitalism and that's the foundation of our country," he says. "If you have a problem with genital massage, then don't get one and allow other consenting adults to do what they want. That would truly be a happy ending for everyone."

6. The millennial prenup is on the rise as people get smarter about marriage. Prenuptial agreements, legal documents that specify how a couple will split up their money if they divorce, are on the rise among the generation of 18-to-34-year-olds, matrimonial lawyers say. This is likely a result of millennials marrying later than previous generations and women’s increased role in the modern workforce.

7. Reddit user tests the true meaning of “unlimited” cloud data storage by uploading one million gigabytes of porn to Amazon’s cloud storage plan. It would take approximately 293 years and six months to watch all that porn. He said it took five or six months to collect all of it, recording public webcam shows from adult cam sites like CamSoda, Chaturbate, and MyFreeCams. Some people credit the Reddit user for Amazon's June decision to cancel the unlimited storage offering.

8. Quality investigative journalism explores why regular dads are sharing their dick pics on Reddit’s r/DadsGoneWild. Some look for validation: “I need an ego boost,” wrote one 39-year-old, pictured handling his cock in bed. Others want something more intimate and ask for private messages. “I could use a hand,” wrote one such man in his 40s, showing off a half-hard hog; while another shared his location, as if holding out the possibility of an actual hookup.