People often question my decision in becoming an escort. I’ve had to defend myself from people who don’t realise what my job actually entails. They have preconceived ideas about us, unfairly lumping us into unfair categories that label us “dirty” and “cheap.” I try to brush their opinions of me aside, because in spite of them, I am incredibly proud of the job that I do. I have worked hard to build up my business from scratch.

I haven’t always done this. For years, I was working a dead-end job at a finance company living paycheck to paycheck. A friend of mine had been working secretly as an escort, and put me in touch with the agency that she was working for. I then worked two jobs; my office job during the day, and escorting at night and weekends to earn some extra cash. At first, I kept it a secret from everyone. Don’t get me wrong, the extra money was great, but I was embarrassed and worried that people would judge me. I did this for years, even keeping it a secret from any guys I started seeing.

It was only when I switched agencies that I was working for that I started being honest about what I was doing. I handed in my notice at the finance company I was working for, and set up my own website.

Since becoming an escort, I have been able to afford luxuries that most people my age cannot; met some great people; and gotten to travel to places I would never have had the chance to go to before. For me, becoming an escort was quite possibly the best thing that I could ever have done.

I am one of the lucky ones, though. Not everyone becomes involved in this world for the reasons I did — I was simply fed up not being able to afford the best make up, or the latest trends that came out. I have not suffered any trauma. The same cannot be said for everyone. I have met some women in this industry who really have suffered in their lives or have turned to this line of work to fund drug habits. In my experience, these are exceptions though, not the rule, and I have met some true friends for life.

A job like mine is not for everyone, but please read on to find out exactly what it is like working a week as an escort, and you will probably be surprised.


Today is a relatively quiet day for me. I’m seeing one of my regulars — a married man, about 15 years my senior. He lives out of town, but comes here regularly for work, and he will always book me when he’s around.
I know what I am getting when he is booked in. I don’t have to put on any sort of an act — I know what he likes; I know what he doesn’t like, and I know that he will always pay upfront and treat me well. It’s almost like catching up with an old friend.

I try not to get too attached to any clients — in fact, this is one of the best pieces of advice I was given when I was a rookie and just starting out. Remember that these people are not your friends, and that you are here to do a service. This is invaluable advice, and I will always remember this; but I don’t know of any escort who has regulars that don’t feel the same way towards them as I do.

He’s booked for a five-hour slot, which will include dinner, before heading back to his hotel room. He will no doubt buy me a gift, which is usually a bottle of my favourite perfume. I don’t expect gifts, but many clients like to buy something, and because of this, a lot of escorts, including myself, will actually display a wish list on their website of gifts they like to receive.

No matter how often you see a client, there are always formalities that must be adhered to. Clients should be clean. If they are visiting me, I will always let them use my shower facilities; and donations must be left in an unsealed envelope. I have learnt through my years of working the industry that it is particularly uncouth and frowned upon to sit their counting your cash in front of your client; instead, I will always find a reason to excuse myself and head to the bathroom and check the amount there.

I make an effort with all of my clients, but particularly my regulars. Tonight, I will wear something that I know he likes, spritz myself in his favourite perfume, and perform my best moves. It is so important to keep your regulars happy.


I like to think of myself as a high-class escort. I don’t have cheap prices, but that is a conscious decision on my part. I can easily make hundreds if not thousands in one day alone, but I work hard for this. I cannot have an off day at all. I put in long hours, and have to be sexy and look good all of the time, even if all I want to do is crawl into bed with my PJs on, with a cup of tea.

Today is a stark contrast from yesterday. I have a full day. I start at midday and it is likely that I won’t finish until after midnight. One thing that I have always struggled with; is knowing when to say no to appointments. The agency I work for are really great. They will always give you the option of saying no, but I know that I am not going to be able to do this forever, so I prefer to book myself up, and make as much money as I possibly can.

I have mixed feelings about the day ahead of me though. I have a full day of new clients, which always make me slightly nervous. You never know who you will end up meeting and what they will be like. That said, it is days like this that I am grateful that I work for a great agency. They deal with the bookings first, and by the time they get to you, they are not only thoroughly vetted, but well suited to you.

You never know what you will end up doing, so you need to make sure that you cover all eventualities. I have a standard work bag, which I keep essentials like makeup, baby wipes, deodorants, cash, a couple of small toys, lube and protection. Normally, you will be notified ahead of time if there are any specific fantasies that your client likes to indulge in, but it is always best to be prepared.

I always make sure I have use of my own car. I am travelling all around the city today. Anyone that knows what driving around Central London is like in rush hour will know that this is no mean feat, especially when you have appointments to get to, but I always feel safer; particularly when meeting new clients — you have an immediate get out clause and escape route should things get weird. My car becomes my portable closet. It is the place I have to get ready before each appointment, so it is always filled with spare underwear, make up, perfume, and wipes. It is crazy the things that just become second nature in this line of work.

I start to flag around 5 p.m. It is physical work being an escort, and it becomes tiring having to put on the persona that people want. I am a completely different person outside of work, but in work, I put on a confident, sexy persona that drives my clients crazy. Despite the fact that I am not even halfway through my shift, I make sure I top up my makeup, brush my hair, spray myself with perfume, and strut over to meet my next appointment. My clients have no idea that I have seen people before them, and will immediately get in my car to meet someone else straight after their appointment. To them, they are my one and only client and my full attention is on them.


Today, I have a couple of in-call appointments. I enjoy days like these. Although in total, I will be working for 6 hours, which is near enough a whole day, I have time to get myself ready between each session, as well as catch up on all my messages and paperwork.

My phone rang a lot yesterday, but because I was so busy, I sent calls to voicemail. I like to speak to all new clients over the phone before I meet them. It is a bit of a safety thing for me. I can get a good feel of what someone is going to be like by speaking to them first. If the client is nervous as well, I often find that by chatting to me over the phone before their appointment, they start to relax a bit, making my job much easier.

I spend the morning catching up on all calls, checking my diary, and sorting out my paperwork. Because we get paid in cash most of the time, I like to keep a close eye on my finances, so having a free morning allows me to do this. I put some money aside to get my weekly work bits, which I will get at the weekend. These normally consist of toiletries, lube and condoms and anything that I know my clients will like — a certain perfume, or a nice little outfit. To anyone else, these might seem like unnecessary purchases, but no one would question someone going out and buying a new suit, or some more stationary for their office job. These are just the tools that are required for my job.

I get myself all ready for my first client, and wait for him to arrive. Right on time, I get a phone call to say that he has arrived.


Despite looking forward to a lie-in this morning, I took a last-minute booking for another one of my regulars. Remember what I said about not being able to say no?! This particular regular is an older gentleman, and very sure of what he likes. He has never been married and only ever books for one hour at a time. Often in that time, he will only ever want DFK (deep french kissing) or OWO (fellatio without a condom), so it’s really easy money. I don’t always like taking bookings at the last minute, as I like being able to prepare, but he is a little different.

I have a rare afternoon off today; however, I have a busy day tomorrow that I need to prepare for. A client I have seen a few times before — not one I would call a regular just yet, has booked in to see me tomorrow evening, and he has a particular foot fetish. I am very open to clients fetishes — I will try everything within reason at least once, and always try to please my clients. This is something that not all escorts will do — I didn’t when I first started out, but as you gain confidence I think you become more open to certain things. Anyway, back to this afternoon; so, I have booked in for a pedicure to make sure my toes look as appealing as they can do. While t I am there, I have also booked in to have my nails done and my regular waxing. I take a lot of pride in my appearance. It is my job after all, so regular grooming is essential in my opinion.

Although I have been grateful for the quieter day today, this is the danger with escorting, and why I try and take as many bookings as I can. Your income changes from week to week — some weeks you can earn an astonishing amount, and other weeks you barely scrape through. This is why I like to sort my finances out in my spare time, so I have enough put aside for quieter weeks.


Finally, it is nearly the weekend. I don’t work over the weekend, as I like this to be my family time. My job often takes up a lot of my evenings and I can end up working very anti-social hours, so it is very important for me to make sure I schedule time to see my friends and family, and switch off from the world of work.

But, before I can relax completely, I have one more busy day at work to get through. I haven’t actually got that many appointments today; I have one new client, and three clients I have seen a handful of times. The reason that the day is so busy is because they are all quite long appointments, and spread over the whole city, so lots of preparation is needed.

I have time to freshen up between each client though which is a relief, and my last client has booked for us to have dinner, so at least I know that I will be fed today. Days like today can definitely take its toll, but luckily the clients that are booked in are lovely and make my day enjoyable. My pedicure went down well with my client with the foot fetish too, so all worth it!

Just before I call it a night, and get ready for the relaxing weekend ahead, I always take the time to catch up on my finances and do the final pieces of paperwork, so I can start next week afresh. I finally crawl into bed at 3 a.m., which is the earliest I have been to bed in a while, for a well-deserved sleep.

I absolutely love my job though. It is never something I thought I would ever do, but this week alone, I’ve earnt myself nearly £6,000. Even working for an agency, you are your own boss. You manage your time, your money and your appointments. When I compare my lifestyle to other people my age, and see how hard they work for a fraction of my wages, it makes me so grateful. Don’t get me wrong, this week has been a great week, and I’m not saying I have never felt scared or been faced with a situation that I am not completely happy with, but as time goes on, these situations become few and far between, and you can just enjoy what you are doing.

[originally published June 26, 2017]