I think your head is so far up your ass that there’s no point in eating through your mouth because it’s the same thing as your anus at this point. How do you stop being a “player?” Stop being a player. Have some respect for yourself, you late-night booty callin’ hoe. People who are self proclaimed “players” are, at a young age, good fucks who girls later forget about. But hit that 24-25 year-old mark, and being a “player” becomes being a pussy. Like you’re too afraid to be a man and do something good for yourself, which is falling in love. Meaningless vagina is only good for you on the surface; it fulfills some underlying lack of confidence you probably have. And it’s infinitely easier than being in a relationship. But real love, and real relationships satisfy you as a whole person, not just your ego. So when you’re ready to grow up and grow as a person, stop chasing tail and get real. I’m not saying you have to be in a relationship to be a man, or that if you’re not in a relationship that’s bad. I’m saying that if you want to shed your “player” rep, you’re going to have to grow up and realize that being a man-slut isn’t always going to be cool. When you get older, it gets kind of sad even. So, if I were you, I’d start by raising my standards for girls. Don’t just sleep with people because you can. Figure out what you like, and treat yourself to that when you can, and don’t settle for less. Like raise the bar from a 2 to an 8. Narrowing your focus and being more selective will also make finding someone you could potentially be in a relationship with easier. Once you do that, open yourself up to the possibility of a relationship. If you force it, or you’re not ready, then don’t waste your time faking it. But just know that as you go through college and start to grow up, and the more open you are to finding one girl as opposed to 200, the better it will serve you as a person later on. Relationships are really important life experiences that teach you a lot about yourself and your capabilities, so if you’re into that, then for fuck’s sake, just do it. Fuck. Oh, and last thing- being mildly attractive has nothing to do with it, so get over yourself.