There are 420 shades of grey within that answer that need to be discussed, but my bluntest (puns, weee) answer to your question is “fuck no.”

Man, you sound like a certified serial killer — but my bluntest (puns, weee) answer to your question is “fuck no.”

However, there are 420 shades of grey within that answer that need to be discussed. Let’s list them for organizational fun!

1) The most important thing to know is this: How vulnerable weed does or does not make you depends entirely on who’s smoking/eating the stuff, what the THC concentration is, and how much of it said person ingests. Because weed affects everyone so differently and because there are so many types of weed and ways to put it in you, you really have to be aware of yourself and your own reaction to marijuana to know whether using it can put you in a weird spot.

2) Some strains of weed make some people more aware and physically capable, so depending on their reaction to it, they could be less vulnerable to being taken advantage of and pull some karate ninja shit on someone like you.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, weed just KO’s some people. The slightest toke or edible nibble launches them into sleepy catatonia and there’s no doubt their judgement could theoretically be impaired. This is especially true in the world of edibles, where concentrations vary and it’s hard to tell how much THC is actually in whatever you’re eating. There’s no shortage of stories about people eating super-potent edibles (sup, Maureen Dowd) and lapsing into a state in which they’re out of touch with reality. There is a large body of research that shows THC can impair some people’s reaction times, so if you’re one of the people that holds true for, watch yourself out there.

3) Weed can be an aphrodisiac for some people. There’s conflicting research on this, but one 2008 study by Osbourne et al. published in the journal Substance Use and Misuse found that about half of participants said marijuana boosted their libidos, increased sensitivity to touch, and enhanced erotic pleasure. This supports what we know about THC acting as a vasodilator for some people; it can make blood vessels dilate and relax and increase horniness-boosting circulation in your vagina/dick.

So, if there’s potential for it making you horny, there’s potential for it making you more easily convinced to have sex. There's no saying whether it will or won't; that's up to your own special snowflake biochemisty, but, increased arousal doesn’t mean you’re more vulnerable to attack. Being horny doesn't mean you want to have sex.

Weed isn’t GHB. It’s not alcohol. It’s not oxycontin. You don't even need a prescription for it in some states. No fuckheads use it to nefariously dose unsuspecting victims. If it were known for making women vulnerable, it wouldn’t be as legal and widespread as it is. More people smoke weed than cigarettes now, which is a pretty great indication most people function just fine on it.

Whether or not it can make you vulnerable to assault isn’t a product of weed itself, it’s a product of your past experiences with it and your reaction to it. If I was your hot mom, I’d tell you that if smoking weed makes you feel out of control, try not to put yourself in situations that intensify that. However, terrible shit can happen to you when you're perfectly angelic and sober too. Blaze on if you can handle it, and don’t if you can’t.