Here's what it's like from our point of view. If we tell you it's the best sex we've ever had, it's because it was the best sex we've ever had. We want to have that same sex again. We like what you did, whether it was a mechanical thing (like position), the location, how we feel about you, etc. If the sex was that good, then telling you it was the best ever basically tells you that the conditions were exactly right for her to get off. If the sex sucked, we would never say it was the best ever because that would imply we wanted to repeat that bad sex. Fuck that.

If it's bad, we'll probably say it was "good," because we don't want to hurt your feelings, but we'll never say it was the best. So if every girl you've ever been with has said you're some sort of sexual national treasure, then you've obviously been anointed with some heavenly power to please. Here, I baked you a congratulatory cake.

A lot of men like you don't know they're really good in bed, they just are. They don't try to be, they're just a little more understanding and giving than the average dude. But that's how they are as people, so they don't recognize that they're setting themselves apart for girls. They understand what parts to touch, when, and how, and they've miraculously discovered how to set the mood. Maybe that's you; you just have an innate ability to please.

But great sex for girls isn't always about what the guy is doing. A guy can do the exact same thing, at the same place, at the same time, and it'll be better the first time than the second for the girl. Sex gets better for girls depending on where they are in their menstrual cycle, where they're at mentally, what their self image is, what setting you're in, and a million other things. Sometimes, the girl will get herself off, and you'll just be there. So it's also possible that the girls you're with know how to get off from sex. For you, it's probably some combination of the two; you're really good at sex, and these girls are really good at getting off.

And stop worrying about if she's faking. If they are, then you'll probably never know so it's useless to get your panties up in a bunch about it. The best thing you can do to make sure she's not faking, since you're worried about it, is to communicate with her about exactly what she wants and how she wants it. If you focus on her pleasure and helping her carry out her fantasies instead of yours, and she's still not coming, then you've done everything you can.

Also, moaning is not having an orgasm. Moaning is moaning, and means it feels good. So don't assume that just because a girl is like, "Oh, oh, oh, yeah, don't stop, ohhhhh," that she's having, or faking an orgasm. For girls, orgasm is a climatic, warm, gush-feeling. If a girl is truly having an orgasm, she'll make noises that sound more primal and organic than you're used to hearing in say, porn, and her body well tense up in places. She'll probably stop or pause what's happening, because once we come, we like to stay in the exact position that made us come for a few seconds. If she's having a vaginal orgasm, her vagina will contract in little pulses, which you may or may not be able to feel. Her toes might curl, she might hold her breath, she might grasp you or the sheets really hard. Her body will kind of lose control for a second.

If she's faking, she'll fake mostly with her voice. She'll pretend-moan louder and more frequently, and unless she's a faking professional, her body won't do any of the uncontrollable stuff I just talked about. And she'll usually do it around the same time that you do it, to make you feel like you got her off at exactly the right moment.

So long story short, what are you doing later?