Yes. Awkward indeed. Well, first find out if they’re even into that shit. Some guys aren’t into getting their balls fondled at all. Some guys need it to get off. Others dip their balls in peanut butter and make their dogs lick it at sometime during adolescence. Most are somewhere in between the extremes, where some gentle stimulation at the right time can feel like, amazing. Thankfully, this isn’t one of those times where I’m gonna say something like “Just talk to him about it! Blah blah blah!” Nope. This time, I’m going to say just go for it, but start out with something gentle and benign so you can gauge their level of response. Try lightly licking them when you’re going down on the guy. You’ll be able to tell if he’s into it because he’ll moan, arch his back, kind of twitch around, stuff like that. If he doesn’t like it, he’ll probably get rigid, and his body language will deviate from whatever pleasurable movements it was doing before the ball licking.

If he’s into it, you can gently massage or cup them as you’re giving him head, but remember, they’re like really, really, sensitive so go slow and light. This is a cool point to ask him if what you’re doing feels good (sexily, obviously). You can also lightly suck on them, jiggle them, stroke them, rub your tits on them, let your necklace dangle down and caress them…stuff like that. But whatever you do, start light and slow, and if he wants more pressure or a different texture, he should ask you, or you should ask him.