First of all, yuck. Second of all, that 17-year-old's got some game, man. Third, let's consult Colorado's policies on consensual sex with a minor. According to the Colorado Legislative Council Staff, the legal age of consent is…drumroll please…17! You win! In Colorado, you can have consensual sex with whoever you want when you turn seventeen; as long as it's consensual and there aren't any weird/illegal circumstances, it's not a criminal act. Okay, now it's time to acquit and criticize you. The acquittal: He lied to you about his age. I'm guessing if you knew he was 17, you would have turned him in to child protective services or dropped him off at a nice daycare or something. It's pretty rare that someone is much younger than you, so people don't really think to check someone's age, particularly when they look similar to yours. Long story short, I'm sure you didn't go out of your way to have sex with a 17-year-old, and you probably felt considerably creepy when you found out he was teen. Let's get critical. You had sex with someone who can't even buy cigarettes. That alone shall be your punishment. You're not a horrible person- but this seventeen year old is kind of an asshole. Clearly he lied about his age knowing that his youth would have prevented the sex from happening, and that's creepy of him. Seventeen-year-old, are you out there? I have a message for you: If you have to lie about a vital part of your being to get laid, then chick who's fucking you thinks she's fucking someone else, and that's too creepy situation for someone who just got their driver's license. Cut it out. So, future sex-havers out there, make sure to find out how old the person you'll be banging tonight is. Safety first, fools.