At least not to me. Personally, I see no correlation between a man or woman's desire to passively view flopping stripper labias and any sort of sketchy behavior which would indicate the sort of romantic dissatisfaction that might lead to cheating. I don't get why people think that sticking one dollar bills in a single mother named Kryxstinya's thong has any bearing on whether they do, or do not, love their partners and want to be with them.

In fact, I think strip clubs are a great way for people to exercise the demons of wanting to fuck other women that they're not currently dating. It's kinda like porn … the experience and the setting and what you see there acts as a release, bringing you as close to the real deal of strange sex as you can possibly get without crossing the line. And that's just it; in a strip club, the line doesn't get crossed. You just sit there. You look, but you don't touch. Of course, the notion of people actually fucking the strippers is not unheard of, but you've got to have a lot of money, and the stripper really has to like you. It's unlikely … probably less likely to happen than outside the club.

Commitment just really, really  has nothing to do with whether or not you still appreciate the female form after you find yourself in a relationship with a woman. You shouldn't be expected to completely lose your attraction to other women, and no one can be everything to everyone.

I'd even go so far as to say that the men who visit strip clubs show a remarkable level of resilience towards temptation. The fact that they're capable of sitting there, arms by their sides, and respectfully helping a woman pay her way through dental assistant school without touching the chick at all is incredible, and we don't give them enough credit for that. I mean, there are tits right in their faces and they're not doing anything about it. If anything, that should demonstrate to your girlfriend just how faithful you can be.

But … then again, I am not the great definer of what constitutes cheating. There is no broad definition to describe what cheating is, no standard, other than something you've agreed not to do.

It all depends on what kind of negotiated relationship boundaries you and your girlfriend have. If you've explicitly discussed her discomfort with strip clubs and she's told you she considers your boner-fied patronage at them to be cheating, well then yes, it is technically cheating.

… Because you two decided it was so. Like dumbasses.

If strip clubs are considered cheating based on your stated relationship boundaries, I'd really encourage you to cut that shit out and renegotiate. Overbearing boundaries like that signal two things.

First, that she doesn't trust you.

Second, that she's insecure with herself. People who are confident in themselves and their relationships typically don't have a problem with recreational strip club visitation. They know that it means nothing and that it's not worth getting upset over.

Neither of these things describe someone who makes a good long-term partner. I can tell you with a pretty high degree of certainty that, over the long run, you want to be with someone who doesn't take inconsequential activities such a going to a strip club personally or all that seriously.

On the flip side, if you've never discussed this as being part of your definition of cheating and she's never expressed a problem with it, it's sure as shit not cheating and we don't even need to be having this conversation. If you feel weird about it, just tell her you're going and you love her and you'll see her later. Or invite her along.

In fact, if you're at all concerned about this, I'd highly encourage you to bring her with you. That way she can see how incredibly non-sexual being at a strip club can be. She can observe the strict guidelines against touching the strippers, and take in just how much of a transaction the fleeting relationship between guest and stripper can be. Getting to know the process might help her chill out if she's worried about it.

Because in all reality, unless you're taking the strippers out back and fucking them, you're just a dude, sitting with a smattering of miscellaneous other dudes trying not to make eye contact with each other, watching Sapphire the stripper's ass clap.