This question is hard to answer because there’s a spectrum of strangers.

One extreme is wordless, zero-context strangers; people you just met two seconds ago and have barely said a word to before you’re on your knees. If that’s the kind of thing you’re looking for, always carry a condom on you and pray to the sex deity of your choice for the best. Since you have no idea who this person is, prepare yourself both for rejection (could be gay, could have a girlfriend, could have zero interest in fucking you) and for the fact that they could escalate things in a dangerous direction. That said, if things work out and you spring yourself on a single, straight, clean and unassuming person, it could be insanely hot.

The opposite end is a stranger who you’ve communicated with, but have never met in person, or, if you have, only briefly. Think Tinder date or one-night-stand. In this case, you can have much more control. You can find out what their health and background is like (or at least pretend to believe what they tell you about it) and specify the terms of the interaction you’d like to have. That way, you can tailor your hookup to the specifics of your fantasy and let a friend know where you’ll be (safety first, precious) as well.

Say you match with someone on Tinder. You can exchange a few words before saying something like, “Meet me in the parking garage on 20th and Broadway in 10 minutes. Bring a condom. No butt stuff.” I’d wholly recommend this option as opposed to the former, just for not-herpes reasons, but there are also shades of grey between.

Then, there’s always orgies and sex clubs. Both these things, when executed properly, are extremely safe spaces where other people are watching out for your consent and safety. There’s a sex party for every kink, and you can fuck as many strangers as you want there, wordlessly or otherwise, knowing all the while that if someone pulls some distasteful shit, someone will probably have your (semen-covered) back.