Yeah! Don’t settle down with any of them, unless you’re all polygamists…

Dear Ibby,
I'm dating three girls at once and I'm not sure who I like more. I feel like an ass but they all are so great. Do you have any advice on settling down with just one?

Yeah! Don’t settle down with any of them, unless you’re all polygamists. Then shack up with all three and have 17 kids whose names all start with the letter J. See, the thing is, you’re playing the field. The fact that you’re dating three people at once tells me that you’re not particularly set on monogamy. If you settle down with one, the other two are going to get hurt. And, you’ll probably still want to be with the ones you didn’t chose, being that they’re so “great” and all. If I were you, I’d keep things casual with all three, until you start to develop strong feelings for one of them. Let them know that you’re dating around and for the time being, you like them and you want to have fun with them, but you don’t want to commit to anything just yet and end up hurting them later. That in itself might help you weed some of them out. Obviously, most girls want to be the only girl a guy is dating. But if you let one of the girls know you’re dating other people, and she’s cool with it, that might mean she likes you enough to fight for you, and that’s important for you to know. A girl who‘ll stick around has resolve. But you can’t abuse it. Once you decide on one, you can’t have all three anymore, and if that’s too daunting to think about for you, then you can’t have any of them. You’re young- you should have fun dating around, but just make sure the people you’re dating are aware of your priorities so you don’t get a rep as a nasty man-whore. Or, option two, pick whoever has the best tits.