You are sucked and fucked, my dear … unless you can control you mind.

Sorry honey baby sweetie pie love—your feelings will definitely get hurt.

You say you're "heartbroken." That tells me you don't want to break up when you move.

That also tells me that, unless you're a lobotomized sociopath, moving away from your relationship will either make you feel rejected or bereaved. Moving is going to feel like stabbing.

Let's game out your potential hurtin's.

Rejected: He doesn't want to be with you after you leave because long distance relationships are a crumbly and dangerous turd.

Bereaved: You either stay together and suffer intolerable longings for each other that both keep you in a negative frame of mind and prevent you from meeting other people, or you decide to break up when you leave and feel equally shitty and alone.

So, yeah. Suck-fest ahead.

I imagine this is sort of the elephant in the room for you guys right now. So, it's really important you do two things: talk about it, and spend your remaining time together wisely.

When you talk to him about it, you don't necessarily have to talk about your plan for after you move if you don't have one yet. You'll get there, but for now, what's really vital that you tell him how you're feeling about it from your point of view. Are you scared? Anxious? What about? Is any part of this exciting for you? If you can keep your feelings in the present and make it clear that you're revealing your own concerns, not blaming him for anything or forcing him into a situation he's uncomfortable with, you should be able to have a productive conversation that's not awkward afterwards.

It's okay to say you're scared to lose him. 

That being said, I'd strongly suggest you don't spend your entire remaining time together talking about this shit.

If future you looks back on your last few weeks together and realizes you spent it being depressed and anxious, future you will quickly realize that was a huge waste of time.

Try to feel full in what you have right now, because that's your reality. You don't know what's coming, but no couple does; even couples who aren't moving away from each other. However, you do know what's now and you do know your relationship is lovely how it is. Be in the present and know that right now, you guys are good. You want to be together, and you'll probably have sex later.

So sink into his arms or have him sink his dick in your pussy because you're together, you ostensibly love each other, and as we speak, that's all that matters.

And for your own personal peace of mind, here are some things that might make you feel better.

1. Know that if your moving away is the end of your relationship, then it's that way for no reason other than geography. If you think about it, that's kind of the best way to separate because it's very gentle, very understanding and very ripe with "this isn't what I want, but it's the way it is." It's not like you failed each other or fell out of love/ lust. Quite the opposite; you still care about each other and can continue to do so—you're just making a move that makes a future relationship more unrealistic.

2. Distance really does help people move on. If you do break up, having him across the country will make it a lot easier for you because you'll literally never see him. And if you stay together, the distance is likely to eventually numb the pain of the separation because you'll get used to not seeing each other. You'll settle into the lifestyle of being far away from each other pretty quickly.

3. When people are right for each other, though, they find ways to come back together throughout their lives. I know one couple that dated for three years, broke up, lived on opposite sides of the world from each other, dated and loved other people, kept in touch then found each other again after being apart for seven years. They just got married in the Bahamas, which is bullshit because who can afford that?

4. Have you considered an open relationship, or some sort of negotiation in which you're sort of together and sort of not? You should. With the right kind of setup, you can make this whole moving away situation work for you, not against you. You can do whatever you need to as a couple to thrive; you don't have to break up or keep things exactly how they are. It's not a black-and-white, either/or situation. This might mean acknowledging how much you care about each other and that you want to be in each other's lives, but also that you'll be far away from each other and lonely and might get horny after a particularly effervescent glass of Vino Verde. If you can look at things with an open mind and you're the type of couple that could handle an alternative arrangement then, shit—you might actually have something to look forward to when you move.

Anyway. Moving doesn't mean the end. And if it does, moving is really, truly the best way to end a relationship. But it's still gonna suck a large and long fuck. Sorry!