Uuuggh…awkward. Wait for them to make the first move, or wait till your lease is almost up…

Dear Ibby,
I've lived with a roommate of the sex that I'm attracted to for about six months now. Recently I've found myself attracted to them. My personality is quirky, and off the beaten path, so it's difficult to find someone that I truly am very attracted to. I have a feeling that the attraction is mutual though, however I'm not 100%. Do I confess my inner feelings? 

Uuuggh…awkward. Wait for them to make the first move, or wait till your lease is almost up. You can totally get away with flirting with your roommate, but don’t make it an awkward living situation by over-stepping your boundaries when you don’t know even know what they are. Also, take your forbidden love outside the abode. Because, if you start hitting on them all crazy and they’re not into you, it’s going to be a hassle for them to be at home in their own home and that would suck. So, hang out with them somewhere they feel comfortable, where you can get to know each other better. Make it clear that you’re interested in them as a human being (not as a fuck toy) by asking lots of questions about them and laughing at their inane jokes, then wait for them to make a move.

That’s one option. But here’s the problem; if they do actually like you for some reason, then they’re probably equally concerned that it would ruin your living situation, so they’re likely to be just as shy about telling you how they feel. That’s why, if I were you, I’d just wait till your lease is nearing an end. That way, you can be really straight up about how you feel, and if they’re into it, you that explosive roommate sex you’ve been fantasizing about. If they’re like “I just don’t like you like you”, then fuck it; you’re moving out soon anyway. The end.