You're the worst! No, just kidding, you're not that bad. But what I think is so hilarious about people dating married people is that the married people clearly have a proclivity for infidelity. Do you tink if he leaves his wife and gets with you, he'll never cheat on you? If you do, you're kind of naive. Who's to say he won't find some hot single person once you're married and repeat the cycle? Also, why has this man not left his wife? Maybe he still loves her. Maybe he's got young kids. Maybe he feels like a baller being with two women at once. Whatever the situation, it's important to note that this man is not your man. He's someone else's husband, and if it's staying that way, he might not be entirely serious about ruining his life in the name of being with you. it's not that you're good or bad, you just need to have realistic expectations about what will happen with your relationship. If you're really serious about this person and want to pursue a serious thing with him, then shit, this married man needs to get a divorce and be wit chu, boo. If you don't really know what you're doing, and you just want a warm body to sleep with at night, or you just like the expensie caviar he orders from room service in your expensive hotel room, then you need to fuck off. Ber serious about him if you're gonna fuck his shit up, woman.